OPI Nicole Nail Polish

OPI Nicole Nail Polish

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I like the Nicole nail polish because it's one of the few brands I've had this stays easy to apply and doesn't thicken over time. The colors also very vibrant and dry the color you expect them to be. That being said, the only nail polish I can keep I chipped for more than a hour is gel so I don't use it much. I would suggest it to people who are good at keep nail polish on/don't chip it because I think it is a very good brand of regular (non-gel) polish. I wouldn't suggest it for people who are both mommies and gym junkies because that combo does not bode well for people who want to keep nicely polished nails.

OPI Nicole Nail Polish I like this nail polish but when compared to at home gel nail manicure the polish seems a bit pricey as it needs to be done more often. Although maybe I am more rough on my nails than others. For me using the gel nail manicure system I am able to get 2 to 3 weeks before the polish starts to lift. With OPI polish or others I find that nail polish chips occur within the first week.

Not really a fan of this specific nail polish. I would not purchase it again but that just my opinion.

Just an "ok" nail polish OPI has a variety of colors to chose from however this nail polish is a little on the pricy side. I like how you can chose different colors but the color does not last that long on your nails after applying. Not sure if I would recommend this to others.

Good product This nail polish is affordable and they have alot of different colors. The reason I didn't give it 4 stars is because I have to paint multiple layers for it to show up.

OPI is amazing, the color pops on your nails and it lasts a good amount of time. They have a great variety of colors! Personally I love blues, greens, and purples and they do a great job in providing those type of colors.

LOVE the bright colors, but they r so pricey that they only tend to get bought for stocking stuffers. They are nice colors tho, like Sally Hansons HD colors.

OPI Nicole is good and can be found in more stores for less money than OPI you find in beauty salons. But the OPI you find in beauty salons I think is better quality than the OPI Nicole.

i love OPI but its a little pricey

Love the OPI nail polish! It wears well and comes in lots of great colors! The only down side is it is a bit pricey!

Love their nail polish. It is so durable and actually doesn't chip much at all. I like that you can get really wacky colors if that it was you are looking for or very classy and normal everyday colors. The only bad this is that is pretty expensive however it is worth the money not having to touch up all the time.

Only brand I use when I got to the salons..last a very long time :)

This is OPI quality, for OPI price, available at discount stores. I tried it because I had coupons; it was no worse than regular OPI polish and no better. The quality was consistent for what you can expect from OPI. Most of the colors were trending towards teens and 20's, too bright (teal blue anyone?) for my age range, but a few were very pretty. A pedicure I did with the Nicole polish lasted over a month, and the polish WORE off instead of peeling or chipping off, which was very impressive. The cost though, I like Essie for that price. (Talk about long lasting and pretty colors!)

This tends to skew a little younger, more towards the teen and tween set, but still has some great colors and quality. I ADORE the Me+Blue shade; I was a little embarrassed to buy it because it's a Bieber Collection, but it's SUCH a great color and is perfect for layering. I'm a fan!

One of the best nail polishes on the market. The polish is long lasting and durable. It's rarely on sale and the price is high but I splurge now and then.