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I love Tyra she is the best!!!

I Can not stand the show. Tyra is too full of herself.

Tyra's show is honoslty very great day show for teenagers mainly girls. She is definitly an idol to so many and her honosty and support are extremely appreciated. Everyda at 2:00 pm monday thru friday i am on m couch kids are alseep and tyra is on my tv with my eye balls GLUUUED!! I love alll her episodes and her giyests who come on and share them selves for her show! She is definitly on my top shows of the week/month/year/lifetime list and i believe it will be up and running for many many mnay mnay mnay mnay many many man many many more years to come. And another kudo for her show is there are barely ever any repeats,,, That is a great positive about her show,.! x0x


Oh I'm sorry Tyra I meant to give you 4 stars. XOXO

I Love the tyra show. She is always so funny, she doesnt have to be fake like most stars. I make sure im up at the same time each morning just so i can watch her show

I love this show. Tyra Banks is just awesome. She talks about so many things and gives you alot of good information and advice. My daughters are always watching this show. It's just great for teens. She also had a show on there about frre stuff and it's going to air again today. To check out the times and channels that it will be on just go to tyrashow.com.

I think that Tyra is totally insane but most of the time I really love her show.

I love The Tyra Show. She is such an inspirational woman. If I can't watch the show on a given day, I make sure I record it. :) I learned about SheSpeaks through the The Tyra Show.

Her show led me here, but I don't like a lot of episodes..its just not what I believe in. But a lot of shows have good messages for young people. Very positive.

OMG LOVE The Tyra show. I DVR it everday! Her show led me here.

I found out about this website on her show. She has some really informative shows, but I don't care much for them when they get to Jerry Springerish.

I can't stand Tyra or her show. She is an extremely egotistical person and you can tell especially from her other show, America's Next Top Model. She makes it all about her.

Lol. Thats amazing how many found this site because of her. So did i that why i thought i would do the review.

I like this show. I have learn a few things here...I love Tyra...