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  • ILoveGod By  ILoveGod    

    The quality of movies has really gone down. There used to be a time when I would always find something enjoyable. Now that's few and far between. It's all violence and demons.

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  • VeronicaB By  VeronicaB    

    love the convenience.

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  • KSherman27 By  KSherman27    

    Love it, very easy and affordable :)

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  • Devshree By  Devshree    

    LOVE it... I catch all the movies that I miss at the theaters. I like checking the online movie database and reserve the movie before i got to pick-up. This way i get the movie I want for sure.

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  • kmckinney23 By  kmckinney23    

    great price on new movies

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  • happygirl35 By  happygirl35    

    Excellent and economic way to entertain my family. Boxes are easy to work and they have tons of selections. Easy to return.

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  • heritagegirl By  heritagegirl    

    we just love red box...easy to use and to return videos and the price is right

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  • sugasnaps08 By  sugasnaps08    

    i love watching movies with my kids and family and red box is so convient and easy

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  • m93312 By  m93312    

    love renting from Redbox they have it so simple, found almost anywhere nearby and loaded with lots of great movies and return is simple and pleasant.

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  • LuluLulz By  LuluLulz    

    I really like redbox. There are a lot of rental locations around my area so it makes it convenient to find the DVD I want and it is very cheap for a night's rental. They also usually have a great selection of new releases, but they sometimes run out. I LOVE that there is an app you can get so you can reserve a title and pick it up or you can find the nearest kiosk that has the title you are looking for. That makes it a lot easier because you don't have to get out of the house just to be dissapointed that the movie you wanted is out.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Love Red box, its cheap and they always have something to watch unlike cable or statellite where all the premiums channels are a ridiculous price and there is never anything on unless you like watching movies from 1980. Always get free movie codes too each month which is awesome!

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  • Mackster By  Mackster    

    Only used a couple of times. We really have no need for it as we have cable TV with all the premium channels and On Demand.

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  • nicolegray By  nicolegray    

    My family doesn't have cable right now so red box really helps us stay entertained! We rent at least 3 a week and for a 1.20 you really can't complain! I also love the fact they rent out video games!

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  • lilmrsdobson By  lilmrsdobson    

    I really like Red Box DVD rentals. It is quick and easy. Especially if you reserve your movie ahead of time so you don't hold people up while you search for a movie at the kiosk. I am not too impressed with the movie selection at times but, the convenience and price still earns it 4 stars in my book.

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  • chaoticinquisitivemind By  chaoticinquisitivemind    

    I have found Red Box DVD rentals to be convenient and easy to use. The added option of checking availability online is extrememly helpful. You can browse through the inventory available at RedBox locations nearby and it even provides the option to 'hold for pick-up'.

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