Red Box DVD Rentals

Red Box DVD Rentals

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I love red box. You can't beat the price and the selection is usually pretty good. I've found movies in the red box that were all rented out at my local video rental place. Also love you can return the movies to any red box. As long as they are around, I'll be renting from red box.

Awesome, great deal! Recently I had a problem where it didn't register that i had returned a movie, I called Red Box, They were very nice and the money that i was charged extra was returned to my account in a few days.

I love red box especially when theres free movie codes. It's so much more convienient and cheaper than going to the video store.

Redbox is great! its a inexpensive way to keep the kids happy with video games on the weekends, whats the point in buying a 60.00 game they arent going to like, we LOVE redbox!

If looking for a specific movie, RedBox isn't ideal, but if just looking for a cheap, fun or scary movie for a night with friends, it is awesome! And it's likely that there will always be one near you :)

We use redbox every few months. You can find it almost anywhere so it makes it easy to stop and get a movie anytime. Only downside is having to go out the next day to return it. The free codes they send are great.

Love Redbox and personally prefer it to Blockbuster Express, first because Redbox is cheaper for new release movies as it's same price as other older movies ($1.20 per night when reserved online, several cents more when not ) while Blockbuster Express charges $3 per night on new releases. Secondly, I like the DVD cases of Redbox more than Blockbuster express DVD cases. Redbox cases have you just pop the discs in and out whereas Blockbuster Express have you slide the discs in or out,which I believe would account to most of them having scratches, unlike those from Redbox. Love it of course even more when they have free movie codes.

I think the RedBox is a great convenience. I can get a movie on my way out of the grocery store and even if I keep it for a few days, it's still cheaper than On-Demand. WONDERFUL!

I love Redbox! I get free codes sent to my phone at least once a month! Other times I get discount codes. I love the price. I am the type to rent a movie, watch immediately and then return so I never have to pay a lot to get the movie I want. I love that you can rent online and hold at the location I choose. This is the greatest invention! Perfect for my lifestyle!

I love Redbox! I have never had a problem with any DVDs skipping or not playing. Their customer service takes care of any problems like that. It's easy to forget to bring it back, just like all movie rental stores. I recommend Redbox for the inexpensive movies!

so easy to use. like how it's just $1.29

Renting new releases has never been more affordable! My only issue is remembering to return the movies so I don't get charged for a second day! lol

I fear change....ha.... so I avoided the redbox for a long time, but now that I have tried it, I love it! It seems like no matter where you are, there is a redbox nearby, and the awesome thing is, you can return the movie to any redbox, not just the one where you rented it. They are super inexpensive, there is a good variety, I've never had a problem with any of the discs not playing, like I have from movies I've rented from the blockbuster stores, and you can't beat the price! I even get emails from them confirming movie returns, etc, and sometimes even codes for free rentals! They have some bluray movies too! Love it!

At my house we use Redbox as a supplement to Netflix for new releases. The price is really great and I also enjoy using the occassional freebie coupon codes where we get a night's rental for nothing. It's nice to be able to check availablity online before we head to the box and the convenience of having the Redbox kiosks at the grocery stores and drug stores we frequent is also great.

My husband and I rent at Redbox atleast 5 times a month. I really like the service they provide and will continue to use it as long as they don't raise the prices sky high like the Block Buster boxes did. It's also great t hat you can always find promo codes to use for Redbox to keep the price down.