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  • CurlyQ3 By  CurlyQ3    

    I honestly don't think you can go wrong with any venus razor, I have used this type of razor since I started shaving as a girl and after several brief switches I have always come back. It is more pricey than other options but you get a close, smooth shave without a lot of knicks, cuts and razor burn. I have areas of fine hair on my legs that other razors just can't seem to get during my super-hurried 1 minute leg shave in the mornings, but this razor does the job!

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  • pertylady83 By  pertylady83    

    Pretty effective razor! Easy to use, and yields smooth results! The refills are a bit pricey, but still a great razor I would recommend for a smooth shave!

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  • recordaras By  recordaras    

    While Gillette's Venus razors are definitely a step above Schick's, there is one thing I really don't like about them: how wide the heads are. If you're shaving just legs, that's okay, however if you're trying to get into the underarm area it is so annoying - the extra head space makes for parts that you just can't reach! For this reason for many years I've only been using the men's versions.

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  • Haleymaytas24 By  Haleymaytas24    

    I received this product in a voxbox from influenster for free and I tried it! I absolutely love the results it gives ! The blades are very sharp and give you a close shave ! The only cons are the refills are $20 that's pricey !! And also after one use the head had a sticky residue on it! But I woul definitely recommend it!

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  • kayvigh_36 By  kayvigh_36    

    I have thick hair and this is the only razor that I have ever used that actually removes my hair well enough for me to use it. The fact that I continue to use it should say something considering the refills are at least $30 per box and I am on a budget. Still I can't complain, it gets rid of the hair!

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  • ademadr By  ademadr    

    I gave this product a 2. Only because I was one of the many women who shaved daily in order to keep smooth. I also have very sensitive skin so can you say razor bumps?! I no longer like shaving because all that happens is a snow ball effect. Now, there is a time or two when I simply do not have the time to epilate or wax and I wind up resorting to the quick and easy convenience of a razor. I would definitely put this in my top three to get but, it is just so expensive! Good razor, way over priced and you just wind up getting thicker, quicker growing hair over time.

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  • heide30 By  heide30    

    More blades means better results! Nice and silky smooth when done.

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  • mamabeck By  mamabeck    

    This brand is my favorite to use, and my daughter agrees! No more ingrown hair issues, and rarely a nick, but that's normally my fault. Great razor!

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  • vathens6 By  vathens6    

    Great razor, most comfortable I've ever used so I continue purchasing them. I use with just soap and water (so I can imagine how much better it would work with shaving cream) and it lasts me for about a month each blade set. Would recommend.

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  • NBgirl By  NBgirl    

    I have been using this product for awhile now and works great. I used a cheap razor and noticed that I was starting to itch really bad, turns out I had to use something for sensitive skin. This razor works better on my legs. You should try it if you havent yet!

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  • Beachgirl714 By  Beachgirl714    

    i love this razor wouldn't change it...

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  • TheWhitePegasus By  TheWhitePegasus    

    I like this razor and the results it gives. I actually have two of them. The refill blades are a little pricey though.

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  • RosieB80 By  RosieB80    

    I am a long time Venus Razor user and decided to buy the new 5 blade razor and I really love the close shave it provides. I am also very happy that the next day my legs were still silky smooth. The only Con I have with this item is with the "Ribbon of Moisture" . It starts to flake off and when I touch it , it's very rough to the touch after a while and doesn't feel like it moisturizes. I also found that a piece that flaked off got stuck in the blades and nicked me. Other than that I really like the product.

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  • allyson By  allyson    

    Yay for Venus, but can be a little pricey.

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  • jagreen0621 By  jagreen0621    

    I love love love this razor. I never have any issues with knicks, ingrown hairs or cuts. Even with a fresh new razor or if I'm rushing...perfection every time!

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