Edy's  Fruit Bars

Edy's Fruit Bars

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We absolutely love these fruit bars. Mine too, is the strawberry. They are so refreshing on a hot summer day. Give them a try, you'll love them, I promise!

My whole house loves these! Very refreshing and you don't feel guilty about the treat, either!

I am going to go buy some today! Thanks for making me crave them :)

I love these. The strawberry is great but I love the Grape flavored one. If you like grape juice you will love

These are especially wonderful when you're trying to stay healthy, very refreshing and you feel like you are doing something good for yourself.

I tried this product and i fell in love with it...and now since im expecting a baby i think its healtier then most ice creams.

love them love them real fruity yum

i bought these for my husband when he was sick =[ he loved them! and has been asking me to by them ever since. i love the fact that they are actually made with real fruit!

Love them! Coconut is our favorite flavor, but the strawberry is amazing as well!

great for all ages on a hot summer day

I've had these and buy them whenever I can. They're awesome and my kids love them too :)

great summer snack!!!


I love Edy's fruit bar and whenever they go on sale, I stock up! My favorite flavors are Starberry and coconut.

these fruit bars are good