Schick Quattro for Women Razor

Schick Quattro for Women Razor

              Rated #22 in Shaving & Hair Removal
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74% Recommended
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While this is a great razor, the price makes it less likely to purchase from budget-concious ladies.

Great razor, minimal knicks and cuts, close shave, lasts long time!

Love the moveable head! Less nicks and a much closer shave!

I love these razors but I hate how expensive they are.

Coupons for the refills make this razor a lot easier.

I've tried every type of razor, waxing, etc. I came back to this razor, even though it's so expensive. I've been using it for years and it's the only one that makes my legs look amazingly smooth. Until I decide to one day do laser, I'm sticking with this.

Don't get me wrong, the product is great but it's just gotten too expensive. I find myself buying more of the cheaper brands or styles than these as they just aren't worth the money anymore. But I do gotta say that my legs definitely feel smoother after using these.

Bought these for my daughter when she first started shaving. It has the metal guards over the blades, so it's hard to cut yourself when first learning. She's tried other since because the refills are so expensive, but she still isn't confident about using others yet.

I've had this razor for years, and my legs and underarms are always smooth. I never get any cuts or razor burn bumps. I also don't want to try another razor because this one is amazing. Yes, the refills are expensive, but I try to prolong the life of the refills for as long as I can.

I love this razor because it gets the job done quickly without any cuts. I have to give this product 3 stars because they are so expensive!

I like these razors. Smooth legs!

Way to expensive. Don't stay as sharp as they used to.

Love these razors! They give me a close clean shave with out leaving behind razor bumps and cuts. I Highly recommend these.

This is a sweet razor. Legs were ultra smooth, and best of all, no nicks! I like how easy it was to shave my knee area. I always seem to miss a spot, and even they were smooth! Worth the price of the refills!

A great razor. The refills are a bit to pricey for me though. I try to get them when I have coupons.