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too much info out there on facebook i want my kids off it and they are.

Facebook is a 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. I personally love the capability to connect with my family that lives in South America and I have been keeping in touch with all of them young and old. However some people get carried away and put thing there that don't need to be there.

Facebook is one of the best inventions ever! My mom and dad divorced when I was three years old. Since I was 15, I had tried to find my father, with my mother's help. At 37 years old, I just sat down one day and thought about Facebook. I took a shot looking for family members and I COULD NOT believe it but my father's brother (my uncle) got in touch with me and gave me my father's phone number. I live in the USA, he lives in South Africa. I have since found out that I have two half brothers and one half sister. Without Facebook, I never would have found him.

Our whole family loves facebook. What a way to stay in touch with everyone!

i love facebook.

I love FB.. I can talk to friends and family

I love Facebook. I originally joined to keep in touch with friends but I have found that I now receive more updates from companies that I like than regular friends. I think fb has become a leader in advertising and is a great marketing tool. I have been able to keep up with promos and new products in ways I couldn't before.

Facebook is a great way for all walks of life to come together and for people to stay connected with anyone. You can find friends, long lost relatives, coworkers, businesses, etc as long as they are listed under the correct name. It is a great site to keep yourself updated with people or long lost people in your life, as long as they are actively using the website. But, just like any site your privacy is up for grabs and sadly people can post a pic of you and if they don't tag it(put your name) you may never know. Or everyone will know! This site also has raunchy people on it and alot of issues for parents and their children getting exposed to the wrong things while on facebook, but filter controls on computers are available, at least to protect the kids while at home. A very popular site, many companies are marketing on facebook now.

While I like facebook and think it's been a great way to catch up with old friends. I worry about my children growing up and all this technology and how it could hurt them. Their lives, whether they want them or not, will be public. People can take photos of them anywhere and post them and they can't do anything about it. Thinking about it in those terms, I'm not a fan.

I Love face book i have found many old friends & family i really enjoy facebook.

I started out on FaceBook to get in on promos/giveaways and freebies!!! FaceBook is a great place for companies to market themselves to their fans and create new followings! I now blog on my FaceBook offering friend and family "The Best Free Thingy of The Day" giving them the opportunity to try new and already favored products. These freebie/giveaway searches have led me to all kinds of new websites and new product ideas! I am always excited to try out new things with my family and share them with my social contacts!

Facebook is a good way to catch up with old friends, and family, I have found many friends I used to have in elementary school, as well as lost family members because of facebook.

We are a military family and this site has allowed my husband to view our sons photos as he grows . My son was 7 months old when my husband left and it will be a year before he is home.

Use this site with great care as privacy is a must. Facebook is a great way to keep up with family and friends, old and new. I love how our class reunion is coming up and it is so nice to be able to know ahead of time just what my classmates who have moved away have been doing over the years. Seeing pictures of how we have changed is the best! Watch out when it's your birthday if you have tons of friends and you have the applicaton on you phone... it will be going off all day long!

I've been on Facebook since shortly after it launched, while I was a college student. It has changed a lot over the years, so I can understand the frustration. But I love the site - it's a great way to stay in touch with people and to reconnect with people. It's also a great resource for coupons, sales, and deals (just become a "fan" of a company you want updates/deals for).