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  • veah100 By  veah100    

    I don't really like the strawberry one so much, the berries taste kind of wired. I do the I believe it's vanilla or almond can't remember. I know there is a flavor similar to that I like.

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  • smileashh By  smileashh    

    tastes amazing!

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  • deankinphi By  deankinphi    

    Tastes great and so good for you!!!!!!!!!!

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  • lhflipz By  lhflipz    

    I love this cereal!!!!! You totally have to get this it is just sweet enough and so satisfying! My favorite special k cereal is actually the vanilla almond but this is a close second!

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  • ktbweg By  ktbweg    

    Even my pickiest kids love this cereal and I feel good giving it to them! Plus I like it. The berries taste really good - not like the usual dried cardboard you find in a lot of dried fruit.

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  • Fruitloopz By  Fruitloopz    

    Very good, just enough sweetness without going over the top. And the best thing is my kids LOVE it! I found my older son actually snacking on a handful here and there. The price is right, there are usually sales and I've seen a few coupons as well : )

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  • sparklyglittereve By  sparklyglittereve    

    Very tasty cereal, great way to start your morning or as a snack. Healthy yet tasty. No need to add sugar as the berries give it that bit of sugar needed. The berries are not hard and dry paper tasting like other brands that add berries to their cereal. Great choice, many flavors to choose from.

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  • kriiztii04 By  kriiztii04    

    I love this cereal, it actually tastes good, the one i dont really like is the chocolate one, but this one is great even my son eats it.

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  • nicolesister By  nicolesister    

    no need of sugar. The strawberries taste so good in Kellog's Special K Cereal. two thumbs up.

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  • connie0908 By  connie0908    

    Love the strawberries in this cereal. Soooo good!

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  • jyoti81 By  jyoti81    

    great product

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  • sholy1 By  sholy1    

    This is my husbands favorite cereal, but for me it is just too sweet.

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  • Busyb4thm By  Busyb4thm    

    I love eating this cereal when i'm craving a sweet snack before I go to bed. I dont feel like i'm undoing all my healyth choices but I still get a great meal out of it.

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  • crdean122789 By  crdean122789    

    special K is my favorite brand of cereal. It's healthful and helps you lose weight. I love the fruit ones like red berries, and the fruit and yogurt. If i've got a sweet tooth, i'll eat a little bowl of Special K Chocolately Delight, which has chunks of dark chocolate in it. YUM!

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  • kellibliss By  kellibliss    

    I love Special K Red Berries Cereal! I love the sweetness of the berries and crunchiness of the flakes so tasty! I eat this every morning with a side of yogurt, fruit and of course coffee! I love how the berries are actually freeze dried and not made in oil like dried fruits are it's healthier when freeze dried.

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