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  • makeupandfashion By  makeupandfashion    

    i love uggs! they are amazing and i would buy another pair.

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  • msdimples By  msdimples    

    I agree not only are they so fugly its not funny they are so impractical and i live in chicago and it has been plenty of below zero days and im just fine.

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  • lturpin By  lturpin    

    I love my uggs. They are great for snow areas. I have had my two pairs for 3 years and they are doing great!

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  • kbrownlaw By  kbrownlaw    

    I have three pairs. 2 tall and 1 short. I have had one pair for over 6 years and still love them and wear them all the time!

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  • aanderson1121 By  aanderson1121    

    I love, love, luv my uggs. I have the classic short in black and the secret is to try the kids sizes they run big and save you $$. Really warm in the winter months. The fur does wear down with normal wear and tear. It just depends on how much you wear your uggs.

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  • Missdelightful By  Missdelightful    

    I love my Uggs, so so comfy! They are very pricy so it is important that you buy the right size also take good care of them clean them with the cleaning kit they will last a long time. I have had mine for 2 years.

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  • jenniferlynn By  jenniferlynn    

    Love UGGs, So comfy and warm.

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  • praices By  praices    

    Disagree. They are the warmest boots I have ever had in my life!!! That is what matters. As far as quality I had my tall boots for 2 years and use them to a walk on the beach or just play in the snow and they still look like new. Make sure you protect them with a spray every year.

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  • mariab10 By  mariab10    

    These are the ugliest shoes ever. I cannot wait until we wake up from our warm-foot daze and realize that we're wearing what look like brown logs on our feet. Hideous!! ...and so last year...

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