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  • CarlaK By  CarlaK    

    It was a great family movie, I wish they make more movies like this one.

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  • robynlong By  robynlong    

    The whole family loves this mvoie! My son calls it the rat movie.

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  • specialk32926 By  specialk32926    

    This movie is awesome for both grown ups and kids.

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  • jellybeanr By  jellybeanr    

    I really loved that movie. it was the best.

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  • Joyfulmom4 By  Joyfulmom4    

    Overall I liked the film a lot. It was a fun, charming story and the characters were cute. It was a little uneven, parts of it were more fun and entertaining than other parts. It was a tad slow at times. But there were also some positively wonderful scenes. My absolute favorite scene was when the health department came to inspect the restaurant for rats... OMG! I laughed so hard. That particular scene might be one of my favorite animated movie scenes ever. Definitely worth watching, though not quite equal to Disney's greatest.

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  • colieblack By  colieblack    

    Good Disney movie - Good concept that anything is possible but you have to work for it and not just expect it to happen to you

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  • onlyonetoni By  onlyonetoni    

    One of the best Disney movies thus far. And I've seen them all!

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  • twdavis By  twdavis    

    I liked this movie, as I love anything Disney, but it did seem to drag in a few places. If I still had a small child I probably wouldn't have taken them to see it. It seems a little too mature for their viewing. It was entertaining for me, but a little more adult than the usually Disney fare.

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  • amy0901 By  amy0901    

    Cute movie. My daughter at age 4 loves it. She thinks it is hysterical that the rat cooks.

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  • mrs_brightside By  mrs_brightside    

    My kids ( 6 and 2) Love this movie. My husband and I can sit and watch it with them and not get sick of it ( as long as it's not every day). It's a cute story filled with fun characters and a good lesson about being yourself. It's also been helpful with getting my daughter to try new foods.

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