Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS

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I was given this for my birthday by my teenage kids. At first I was taken aback - but they told me it would make my 60 minute train commute fly by, and they weren't kidding. With the variety of games - simple to complex it keeps me occupied and I arrive at work ready to go.

My son loves his Nintendo DS and takes it everywhere we go.Whether we are traveling or just going shopping,the Nintendo DS is a super fun,portable gift for children of most ages and for adults.I would definately recommend the Nintendo DS to anyone who wants to buy their children a gift that they will love and that will keep them occupied and amused for hours on end.The Nintendo DS is worth every penny we payed for it.

My son has one that is blue . He is in love with it. You can get earbuds for it so you don't have to listen to what is being played and it is awesome for dr appts , car rides , road trips . airplanes. The games vary in age .. ect from legos , littlest petshop something for everyone .

My daughter LOVES her ds. She can play for hours if I allow her too. I love he variety of games they have for this system

We all have one, we are a gaming family. For a long while we used to have "family nite" and we'd all sync up and play DS games. It was a lot of fun ... not sure why we stopped, guess it just got busy.

I am a 47- year old who loves her DS! I take it everywhere with me and if I am sitting in the Dr office or bored riding in the car I will pull it out and play! I have over 20 games and plan on buying a few more! I love the mind games, hidden objects and the Sims. My kids will see it and they will fight over it!! I gave one to my daughter in law when she was on bed rest with the twins. She loves it!!

I love this system because i can bring it anywhere.

I'm 36 and adore my ds. I love all the games that enable you to use your brain to solve problems or search for items. Everyone seems to think these are for kids but I find that they could be of great help in keeping a persons mind sharp.

We got these for christmas for our daughters ages 8 & 6. Both girls were very excited as they had been asking for them. 8 year old LOVES it. has used it on a couple of longer rides in the car and for quiet time on the weekends. 6 year old prefers to play on the computer A little disappointed that there aren't more games for those who aren't able to read very well yet - but the leapster was a too simple. Do love the variety of games available, including the educational math and reading ones.

Great game system for all ages! Very durable! Can take a lickin'! LoL..

This system is great for everyone! Its simple to use for Kids, Teens, Adults, and Elderly! A lot of different games to learn from and just entertain. Animal Planet is something I would recommend for it.

I love this, keeps me busy when I am on my way to work and back home. lots of games to pick from, slightly heavy though.

I got mine for Christmas and I'm still playing with it. Mostly puzzle games and the brain boosting type of games (there are more out there than just the Brain Age series). Looking forward to many more games.