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  • miamidiva16 By  miamidiva16    

    i have used these bottles with my two kids and wouldn't change it for any other brand! Works great!

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  • Jenny1022 By  Jenny1022    

    These where a lifesaver for my little one.the only thing I didn't like was the parts are a pain.but this bottle did help.

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  • heidy91 By  heidy91    

    Have heard a lot of things about this product

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  • Silvery By  Silvery    

    Loved these bottles!

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  • countrytomboy By  countrytomboy    

    I don't love the shape of htis bottle, but I do love that it's glass

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  • hollyn By  hollyn    

    they are to heavy and i have seen them break before

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  • lidabureau By  lidabureau    

    Easy to clean and they do help with gas I am a true fan and a firm believer.

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  • KrissyP By  KrissyP    

    Both of my little ones loved the Born Free bottles. Their system for reducing gas is a godsend and best of all, they are really high quality bottles. The plastic bottles are BPA free and their glass bottles come in a variety of sizes for smaller hands to easily grip. I tried to feed my babies with other brands but they simply wouldn't have it. Apparently, Born Free is the only way to go.

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  • mswens By  mswens    

    I never used these bottles my children because they were mostly breast feed and so for bottles I didn't buy the nice ones. This past weekend I watched my 5 month old nephew and this is the bottle his mom has for him. I was amazed at the amount of bubbles that was separated from the formula.

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  • lilyblossom By  lilyblossom    

    Have heard a lot of good things.

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  • lorimangnall1 By  lorimangnall1    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE, No chemicals when warming my little ones milk!!!

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  • chyened By  chyened    

    The glass is a turn off for me, I have a three year old and tile floors. In my house they just would not last.

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  • testrite By  testrite    

    Nothing but good things to say about this product. The best bottles in the world. I only use glass bottles. Amazing and I hope everyone tries them.

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  • ashleycapra By  ashleycapra    

    i have and always will be a fan of glass bottles, and these by far are my favorite they last forever and replacement parts are easy to find and order, cost is well worth it for the product and it comes from a brand i trust. 3 kids and counting

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  • adetone By  adetone    

    i don't like the glass ones.

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