CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

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I have a "special" edition chi "skulls" flat iron. It has paid for itself over and over again. I love it so much and I have had mine since 2008!

Leaves my hair pin straight and i have frizzy curly crazy hair

This is the only one flat iron that could actually make my wavy hair straight for a really long time! It gives this nice salon quality looking to the hair. My cousin used this flat iron to help me get my hair done for a party and I fell in lvoe with the results it gives. Pricey but totally worth the investment!

This heats up very quickly, it does not seem to bake my hair the way that my other straighteners do. It is a higher-quality and the metal that the iron is made of is less damaging to my hair. Requires less heat to do the same job

My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy. I can straighten my hair with this iron and it'll last for 2 days! I've been using the same straightener for about 5 years without any problems! It's amazing!

My first Chi was a 2" and I absolutely loved it! I am now on my 2nd Chi, but am underwhelmed. This is a 1" model and I would give anything to have my 2" back (I have long thick hair). Also missing from this one is the ability to adjust the temperature. There are two settings...ON and OFF. I purchased the 2nd one at JC Penney and am now regretting it. Wish I would have spent the extra money to purchase one at a salon, or even eBay (which is where I got my first one from).

If you buy a CHI flat iron from a salon, it is definitely worth every penny. But if you buy a "CHI" flat iron from a department store or a drugstore, it will not be worth the money. The reason is because there are a HUGE amount of counterfeit "CHI" flat irons out there. Anyone who has purchased a flat iron from Walmart, Target, JcPenny's, etc....they are the unknowing owners of a low quality counterfeit. Which is why half the people tell you they love their CHI, and half the people will tell you they hate it and it is not worth the price. Actually, look up Farouk Sues Costco. Costco just lost over $300 million for getting caught selling counterfeit "CHI" products. The Farouk brand (owner of CHI) does NOT to business with any of those companies I named. Even though all of those companies sell a product with the name "CHI" on it. Farouk does business with professional hair companies (salons, and salon supply stores) Which is why you can only get the real thing at a salon. (Unless you have a Cosmetology license, then you can buy if for the wholesale price at a salon supply store.) The only model of CHI that really makes a difference is the new digital model. That one goes up to 430 degrees because it is designed purposely to use with the CHI Infra protein smoothing treatment and requires a higher temperature than the rest of the models. So I would go with the digital if you have really, really coarse and resistant hair. But I would only use the flat iron at up to 400 degrees, never higher than that. The ONLY reason it goes up to 430 is for the Infra treatment. If your hair isn't resistant, then go with the Original CHI. Overall, I would say the CHI straightener is a product worth spending money on, just be careful where* you invest your money.

I absolutley love this straightener I can even curl with it it is the best straightener in all my years of hair tools & accessories!

This straightener has a mind of its own. Some days, it will leave making your hair looking really sleek and beautiful. On other days, though, it will only just make your hair really puffy, not straighten much, and just burn off your hair. It's a shame that the latter is the one that happens the most, too.

Ehhhhh....this was my first "good" straightener in college and all my friends borrowed it and loved....because it does the job....however, I have been through 3 of them and finally decided to try something else because my hair still gets fried!! I am currently am using Sedu Revolution and love it...i find my hair is much less fried and it glides so much smoother. Chi is the high school straightener...if youre looking for a really good straightener, there are plenty better ones out there!!!

A tad bit expensive... But worth it in the long run. This flat iron get the job done right and reduces frizz. My daughter has naturally curly hair and lots of frizz this is the only flat iron that will work on her hair, her hair will stay straight for days afterwards! Must have.

More expensive than most brands, this flat iron is worth every penny. No other brand comes close to the features, no other brand heats up the same. Better than that, no brand lasts as long as Chi. I'm on my 2nd Chi flat iron in 6 years! Really! I use to purchase 1 every 4 to 6 months, every brand would just stop working. The only reason I'm on my second Chi is, I wanted a smaller flat iron, so went from the 2" to 1/2" Chi this past Christmas. Not too bad, uh?

My friends have owned this and used it on my hair. I loved it! My frizzy, wavy, unruly hair became tame and stayed straight until I washed it again. ( I wash every other day so as to not dry out my hair) my friends chi lasted until her brother-in-law stepped on it. My only dislike is the cost, but it's definitely worth it

I love my chi it works like a charm. I don't use my flat iron as much as most girls bcause I have super curly hair but I have heard that they break easily and any colored or cute chis I have gotten, lasted about two months then just stopped working. but overall I love chi

I love that CHI has a travel straightener, I use a carry on only no matter where or how long I'm going and they make it easy for me to throw this in my bag every time,