RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

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I was Using the product as directed for 6 days upon the 6thday I started having a severe allergic reaction redness and extreme irratation on my cheekbones and under my eyes and travling to 1 eyelid...I have discontinued the product !!!!!!

After usisng ROC for one week I am starting to find an age spot beginning to fade. Hoping to see them go away totally in time. Have been applying it everynight, first nigt tingled a little but after that nothing.

I have been using the RoC for a week and have not noticed any change in my wrinkles..yet. It's not greasy or heavy and my skin does feel smooth. I do wish it had a nicer scent.

I just started ROC a week ago and i don't notice much change yet. It goes on smooth and soak's in really nice. I have sensitive skin and so far it it not irrating my skin. One nice thing is that my skin is feeling smooth.

Sounds like this is working great for others. I had an allergic reaction and have discontinue use. The first week was great and didn't have any problems, but then I developed redness, peeling skin and burning on my cheekbones. After a couple of days the redness spread under my eyes and onto my eyelids. I have never had any allergies or reactions to ANYTHING before. I am going back to my Avon skin care products and saying goodbye to ROC. I appreciate the opportunity to try the product and will pass it on to my sister to try.

Just started a week ago, and though I don't see my very fine wrinkles leaving yet, my skin feels great. No irritation. Can't wait to see some results. I've heard nothing but good things about ROC.

I have only used the products a few days, and don't see any look in it's appearance. I do like the way my skin feels. It is not greasy or heavy, and rubs in nicely. I look forward to seeing how I look in the next few weeks. Thanks so much, SheSpeaks!

Nice light texture but packs a heavy-weight punch of moisture and benefits. Not your grandmother's greasy face cream - CORREXION is an advanced skin care product that works with many different pats of the anti-aging spectrum. It feels like it isworking, it looks like it is working, and it must be working!

I have been using the RoC Retinol Correxion for about a week and LOVE it! I am blessed with good genes and my 70 year old mom doesn't have wrinkles, but I could see the laugh lines forming around my lips and especially above my upper lip. This morning I couldn't find them at all. I like the way it makes my skin feel after applying it and the fragrance is nice. Thanks for the opportunity to try this product and I know I will be purchasing it long after my original supply is gone.

By the 4th day, some of the laughter lines were red and sensitive, so instead I am concentrating my RoC application on the two areas that most bother me - my frown lines between my eyebrows, and some vertical lines above my lip.

I have been using this product for approximately a week and I am so impressed. My face already looks 10 years younger. It's tighter, feels very soft and smooth, and the wrinkles have dimished significantly. I can't wait to see the improvement at 12 weeks!

So far so good. The cream seems to soak in nicely and does not feel as though it is clogging my pores. It has not yet been a week. The first night seemed as though my skin was slightly irritated, but I skipped only wednesday and have been putting it one daily since with no issue. Lets hope it works!~

I've used it twice now- doing the every other day recommendation so I don't experience irritation. So far so good- can't wait to see what happens in a couple of weeks. Feels great going on- can't help but think it will work well!

I started this RoC RETINOL CORREXION on Friday and WOWZA my skin is perking up already! This dry patch that I had is going bye bye and that makes me so happy. The cream is wonderful and sinks right into the skin with no side effects at all. I LOVE how my skin has been feeling and looking and it's only been 3 nights. This is WAY better than another PRICIER cream I had tried months ago. Thanks, Shespeaks!

I started using this product for over a month and I have seen firmness in my skin! I highly recommend it for women with mature skin. I got a great deal on this product purchased from Costco!