Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner

Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner

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Wonderful conditioner! It really did the job of giving me needed moisture without being greasy. Love the scent! I am also super excited about the eco-friendly packaging. All companies should try to do what they can.

I love the smell!!! It worked really well on my hair and kept it smooth and silky looking. I love how shiny and smooth my hair felt!

I used to be a big advocate of Pantene products when i was in my 20's and 30's. I was convinced by my stylist to switch to her salon brand. The product was more natural and sulfate free, so I made the switch. This opportunity to test the new Nature Fusion line was a welcome surprise. The new line took on the salon brand in quality ingredients, sustainability and performance. My hair felt soft and silky even before I used the conditioner. An added benefit will be the cost. The Pantene line is 1/3 the price of the salon brand. I would highly recommend this line of products.

tried my Shampoo and Conditioner for first time last night; my hair is very long and usually snarly near the ends but this worked great; there is no distinct odor to the products, which is a big plus for me; the caps snap securely; my fly-a-ways are under control but the true test for this will be when the weather grows more humid; i would definitely buy; have used Pantene products since first introduced to market many, many years ago.

Love this shampoo. Tried it for the first time today and my hair is so shiny and soft. I also just love the fresh clean scent. Thank-you for letting me try this.

it smells great and it reduces the oil on my hair. However, the cap is a little bit hard to open. Thank you for the sample kit

I received my package in the mail on Saturday and used it for the first time last night. I have very oily hair and when I shampoo at night I usually have to shampoo again the next morning before work. When I got up this morning, my hair still looked and smelled as clean as it did last night when I dried it.. Love it! Makes for a less stressful morning and with 4 kids, anything less stress makes a HUGE difference!

I love this conditioner! My hair is so smooth and silky, and smells so good! I really put it to the test today too because I didn't have time to blow dry like I usually do (in sections), and when that happens my hair is usually not very sleek. But today, it looks just like I took the extra time to blow dry it correctly. Anything that helps my hair look great in less time, is top notch in my book!!

All I have to say about this product is I LOVE IT!!!!... I can't say enough good things about this conditioner, it works super, has a great scent and managed my most of the time unmanageble hair, lol! This conditioner didn't leave any kind of residue, just really fresh and clean and made my hair look and feel great. Thanks Pantene for such a wonderful product :-D

I loved the smell of this. It was easy to rinse out and left my hair so soft and smooth. I def. recommend using this product, not just because its a great product, but earth friendly as well

The shampoo was great, now the conditions even greater. I love the texture, the creamy feel of the conditioner. It also have a fabulous smell. After I applied the conditioner my hair was instantly soft and manageable. I really love the Pantene Nature Fusion Conditioner.

I liked this conditioner. It worked well on my hair. I noticed a big difference in my hair after just one use. I liked the smell., too.

I tried my free samples of Pantene Nature Fusion Shampoo and Conditioner today. I loved it. My hair smells great. I have long hair and it was very easy to brush through after using the conditioner. I like how my hair feels and it really brought out my natural curls. I will recommend this product and purchase it too.

I liked the product. It smells really good. But I have long hair and the conditioner didn't make my hair tangle free.

I just got the product 3 days ago so I just started using it. These are my thoughts so far: I really liked the smell when I opened the bottles but found during the night and next morning it was over powering as the scent lasted a really long time. I normally use a dandruff shampoo, so I'm anxious to see how my scalp holds up after multiple uses.