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  • katfos katfos

    I just started to watch this show and I have caught up on reruns. The show is hilarious and it is refreshing to have different story lines. Sheldon is my favorite!

  • lockliss lockliss

    I try to watch this show and while I love that a lot of the Roseanne actors are on the show, it just seems to be the same situation and the same show over and over. I get it, you're a bunch of geeks looking to score. Next!

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  • shopperMD By  shopperMD    

    The show is best if watched from the beginning. I had seen half of an episode before and wasnt that into it. My finace bought the first season and now I'm addicted. This shows premise is about four nerdy socially inept scientists and their pretty next door neighbor. Sheldon is my favorite character. I highly recommend this series. Its smart and very funny. Its just an all around good show that lifts your spirits. Season three has currently just started and I love it!!!!


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