OPI Nicole Nail Polish

OPI Nicole Nail Polish

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ilove OPI kinda pricey but really good quality

i like this product i would like to try this

LOVE the bright colors, but they r so pricey that they only tend to get bought for stocking stuffers. They are nice colors tho, like Sally Hansons HD colors.

The only kind o nail polish I would purchase.

I have mixed feelings with the NICOLE OPI - I LIKE that it lasts a long time compared to other brands, and that it does dry quickly HOWEVER I've found that the colors are MUCH nicer in the bottle than applied to your nails. I bought BLACK TO THE FUTURE which is a gorgeous black with purple glitter and it's SO DULL on my nails :(

For the cost of this nail polish I was very dissapointed the polish chipped within a week the colors are great but for the price its not quite worth it.

i love the opi brand but not this line i dont understand how opi went wrong with this they always have good stuff. i tried the black(which i actually love alot), the silver one, and a metalic brown. I did not like the metalic colors form opi nicole but the black is awsome in color but it is absoultly the hardest nail polish to take off.

I recently got a "free" bottle of the Nicole OPI nail polish and while the colors are gorgeous, I expected more from it since OPI was in the name, it faded quickly and looked very unpretty in less than a week. I was disappointed.

OPI is amazing, the color pops on your nails and it lasts a good amount of time. They have a great variety of colors! Personally I love blues, greens, and purples and they do a great job in providing those type of colors.

The color lasts a long time. OPI colors are a little more expensive than the drug store brands, but they are so worth it. The polish lasts a long time with no chipping, and the drying time is really fast...even on a humid day.

It's the only polish that I ever use.

I love OPI nail colors. I bought a color from them called Breathe Life, it supports Lung Cancer, which my dad has, and I wore it for my wedding on June 19th (and it's still on!!!)

OPI is a great polish. I go to a cosmetology school and we use opi for mani's and pedi's and if you come is for one you get a free opi nail polish to take home and if you come in for both you get two

OPI has every color known to man, i love OPI nail polish!

OPI is my all time favorite nail color! Its creamy and has a flawless application. They make the best colors, and I love love love to go on to their website and test the colors! I absolutely recommend this product!