Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausage

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I love the spicey Italian sausage. My family loves spicey food and this kicks it up a bit.

I used this on top of pizza really good!!!

This was excellent in our chili made with Renaldo sauce! Yummy!!

This one is the favorite in my house. :)


I used the ground sausage which I particularly liked because there were no preservatives in it. I made a casserole with it using penne and my homemade tomato sauce with ricotta (sort of a faux lasagne). It was delicious but I did not find the sausage hot (spicy) enough and a little on the sweet side. I also used it as a pizza sauce on whole wheat pita with provolone and parmesan cheese. I would love to see a product where the meat used is not fattened by hormones and such. I am a big user of organic products. I did have a problem finding the product in the large supermarkets I go to in my area.

We really enjoyed the hot Italian sausages. I cut the casings off and then fried the sausage up with some onions. Then I par-boiled some potatoes and added the sausage mix to it along with a can of cream of chicken soup and then baked the whole thing for about 30 minutes. It was a big hit~

I loved the spice this sausage added to my spaghetti sauce and chili recipes. It added a liitle extra kick. :)

Love these. We love spicy food , the spicier the better. And we love this one although jalapeno cheddar remains our favorite

Made these sausages on the grill with some grilled bell peppers and onions. Absolute GREAT flavor, and will definitely make at teh next family bbq.

I really like that I can buy the loose Johnsonville hot sausage for making my twice-baked potatoes. It's just spicy enough, and what I most appreciate about all Johnsonville sausage products is that there is never anything questionable in them. You never have to worry about biting into one and finding some nasty bit of I don't even know what.

these are great just grilled and thrown right on the bun, a little spicy for my boys but my husband and I LOVED them!!!! Great Flavor

We use the hot italian sausage to make breakfast burritos. We remove the sausage from the casing and brown it in a skillet. My husband shares them at the office and everyone always wants the recipe!

Good flavor but my husband and son wanted them to be hotter!

We made a nice mexican rice from scratch and this just made it perfect! So good. One of my favorites.