L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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I was not pleased with the way the BB cream made my skin feel. If it had SPF like other brands and offered real moisture I'd give it at least three stars.

I wasn't very impressed. The product didn't look very natural and you can't use other products with this because then it gets cakey. I wouldn't purchase this product.

I really wanted to love this BB Cream but the fact is that it just does not work for deep brown girls like myself. The pearl like color doesn't adjust to all skin tones so I was left looking rather ashy. Additionally, the cream did the opposite of hydrate for me. I'm sure his works wonderfully for those who have more fair skin but this is definitely not for darker girls.

Do not like

The product comes out of the tube as a thick, unpleasant white paste that drags the skin when you try to apply it. It's supposed to change color on your skin, but it does NOT; it leaves a cloudy white layer on the skin that makes you look sick. It has zero coverage, and thus does not improve, enhance, perfect, correct, cover or conceal anything. It doesn't even moisturize!! It provides no benefits whatsoever, and leaves a nasty, thick, stiff layer of gunk on your skin.

Yuck! Sorry, but this isn't for me. First, the color fair is too dark for my skin tone. I don't understand why these companies are coming out with only a couple colors, they need many more. I need a very fair pink cool tone, not a warm yellow fair tone. Second, when you apply with your hand, it's really hard to wash it off your hand. Third, it irritated my skin, so I couldn't use it anymore.

It was just okay to me. I tried it several days and I just don't like the way my skin looks when I put it on.

I didn't like this BB Cream. My color was deep, and it made my skin an awful gray color!