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  • jenuits By  jenuits    

    Price-wise I would say Cascade could do better but the convenience and the final product are worth the splurge in my book. There's no residue on my glasses and I don't spill detergent or put too much in the dishwasher.

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  • ThankuJesus By  ThankuJesus    

    i have to agree with ckfernandez. i rate this product a three because i find it to be a little costly compare to some of its cheaper counter parts.

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  • Mom2bajrs By  Mom2bajrs    

    I love that this is gel and powder. It seems to get the dishes cleaner than the powder only dishwasher packs.

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  • tealvr By  tealvr    

    They really do a great job in cleaning the dishes, so easy to use also.

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  • nommie83 By  nommie83    

    I enjoy these. I really like the lemon scented ones.

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  • sbgallagher By  sbgallagher    

    I love this allows you to have just the right amount of detergent without the mess...

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  • charlie2 By  charlie2    

    All I use in my dishwasher. Great stuff

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  • ckfernandez By  ckfernandez    

    I only gave this one 3 stars, not because I didn't think this product didn't do the job, but because I think lesser expensive solutions alike did the exact same job. I'd say save your money and go with a medium brand, rather than this name brand.

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  • ambergoff4515 By  ambergoff4515    

    These tablets have been found in the bottom of my dishwasher broken and not disolved. Other brands have worked better.

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  • corabishop By  corabishop    

    A bit on the expensive side. They are convenient and work well.

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  • jenwells99 By  jenwells99     SheSpeaks Tester

    I have tried several "pod" type dishwasher items, and this one has by far been my favorite. My dishes come out super clean, shiny and there's no film on them at all. I love the convience of just tossing them in and starting the cycle.

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  • ajelley By  ajelley    

    These keep my dishes looking nice but there is an odd smell in my dishwasher after using them sometimes. I like the ones with bleach in them.

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  • Ricca81 By  Ricca81    

    I absolutely LOVE the cascade brand. Always have clean & fresh dishes

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  • JmeJ06 By  JmeJ06    

    Using coupons I got the trial size bag for free to try these out just recently. I have found that they work great, as long as I have rinsed everything fairly well before running the washer. The time's that I didn't rinse as well (for experiments sake) the dishes still had spots on them and didn't seem as clean. I have found that the packs work as well as (and better than the some) other products that I have tried using.

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  • AquaticMeadow By  AquaticMeadow    

    I have enjoyed the convenience of the gel packs, but there have been several times that I find them in the bottom of my dishwasher broke open with the gel gone but more of the product and packet still there. I feel like I am 50-50 on it working when I use them. I do love the cleanliness of my dishes when they do work.

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