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  • LadyInRed11 By  LadyInRed11    

    My Aunt gives me a gift card every year from this store and I just can't get on board with shopping there. Don't they realize there are people in the world bigger than a size XS. The return process is also horrible - you get a small percentage back and they mail the check to your home in some cases. I know some people love Old Navy - I am just not a fan.

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  • Ambermann By  Ambermann    

    I have a friend that works for Old Navy in my town, I asked her why they did not carry the plus sizes in the store she told me that they do not have a high demand for the plus size clothing! I was shocked really no demand, give me a break! Plus size women eveywhere are looking for affordable fashionable clothes too!

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  • jessikajean By  jessikajean    

    I have noticed the same thing. Mediums seem to be the size of a small, and larges the size of mediums. I love the prices, and the style. Just wish they carried longer sizes in jeans!

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  • iamkam By  iamkam    

    They have some really cute stuff, but their pants sizing tends to be off. If I order my normal size they are way too big, but if I order a size down they are too small. I even tried using their measuring chart to order, and the pants still fit wrong.

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  • aryial By  aryial    

    would like to try one pair of there jeans size 20 with stright legs and a demin jacket size 20

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  • harlemgirrl By  harlemgirrl    

    i love their plus size clothing...i shop there all the time online

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    Old Navy's prices and niche in the market are great, but the fuller-figured clothes that I buy here simply do not fit well. It is as if they took their smaller clothes and just enlarged them, but neglected to use good fit as a way to design their clothes. The arms and legs always end up baggy while the center is tight or the reverse for me.

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  • Gwendolyn35 By  Gwendolyn35    

    I place an order online at Old Navy for several plus size clothing items on Saturday and received it on Tuesday! And everything fits perfectly. Love, love, love Old Navy!

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  • chanbla By  chanbla    

    I thought old navy always carried plus sizes up to a xxxl. Well it's avoid thing they are making fashionable clothes for full figured ladies! Luv old navy

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  • vintagepurple By  vintagepurple    

    i am pisses that they stopped carrying there plus sized clothes in store ( even when they did carry it there, it was ether plus size or maturnady never both, and never got to hunt down a store that carried them) i must say i like old navy clothes, i think the are afordable and last quite well, the dark jean fall apart befor the color fads, ( they don't fit well enough for me to wear all the time to school) but some of the really cut larger clothes like the dresses and stuff are only on line and i will not by clothes on line i have been burned to meany times no mater how i research and mesure they never fit right besides its just plane hurts my self asteam to have to hide behind a screan to get cute clothes ps... love the cothes love love love! price and every thing will not order them off line

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  • ohiomommy By  ohiomommy    

    I love Old Navy. I love there clothes and most of the time you wont even find an upset worker there. They are cheerful people. Same goes for the online store. The customer service people are always happy to help. But the hassle of ordering when you never know what your item is going to look like. If your a plus sized woman, you kow its hard enough trying to find clothes that fit and look good, but doing it all online while someone else is wearing the pants is not always helpful!

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  • emac79 By  emac79    

    I do love Old Navy's clothes, but the last time I tried to order jeans it was horrendous. I ordered my typical size (16W0 and when they came in they were the same size as my sister's GAP 10 curvy. I was bummed, but thought it a fluke so I ordered another pair. This time, they were about 2 sizes too big. I sent all of those back and called customer service and finally they got me a pair of 16W that was actually measured for a 16W. All of the hassle was strange and I am not a fan of return by mail only, but it all worked out in the end (although I did file a complaint because no matter what pair of jeans they send me, a 16W should always be a 16W).

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