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  • TSMcClaskie By  TSMcClaskie    

    I had one of these when they came out the first time. It worked good, but when the batteries died, so did the sprayer. Even with new batteries it never worked again, and of course it was right after I bought two new refill bottles of the cleaner. For the price, it should last longer than one set of batteries.

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  • rjbelote By  rjbelote    

    Mine does nothing. Maybe because I have hard water. I used it all the time, and my shower got more and more disgusting. Back to cleaning the old fashioned way.

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  • Kristine9395 By  Kristine9395    

    It works. I don't clean my shower any more.

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  • wonderland1865 By  wonderland1865    

    If I still have to clean after using the product , I might as well save the money and spend that extra 15 minutes cleaning the entire shower myself. I won't buy this product again. I have a tiny shower and it did not spray the whole thing.

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  • twdavis By  twdavis    

    This works great for my stand-up shower. I don't do any additional cleaning of it. It has worked great at keeping me from having to put any muscle into it. Batteries seem to last a long time too.

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  • mytwoboysincg By  mytwoboysincg    

    I'm not sure how I just rated the product two stars, but I would definitely give it 4 stars!

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  • giveyouthe_down By  giveyouthe_down    

    It's okay but not the greatest. We have hard water and I don't feel it cleans good enough. I'll be going back to Sno bowl toilet cleaner. It gets all the build up off and is cheaper.

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  • dcharmingone By  dcharmingone    

    I bought one of these when they first came out. It only squirted one line around the shower, how is that going to clean the shower. I am not sure about you guys but my shower is bigger then one line. Good idea but it doesn't work right.

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  • MommaGeorge By  MommaGeorge    

    I got to do a test of this product when it was very new. I used about 1/2 of the bottle and was very unsatisfied. Before installing the product, I scrubbed my little shower top to bottom, walls & floor, then installed, the fragrance was a wonderful clean smell and at first I loved the thought of not having to clean my shower again. btw- my shower is less than 3x3ft square. But after a couple of weeks of using this product as directed, I started to get some mildew and buildup along the edge of the floor in the corners and the walls. The spray DID clean the middle part of the shower, but it did not reach the bottom of the walls, door and floor, and besides the nice clean smell, I still had to scrub the floor and lower walls and shower door. So the additional expense was just not worth me still having to clean!

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  • rebelicious By  rebelicious    

    I would highly suggest this product to anyone who hates cleaning their shower because if you have this you will never scrub your shower again!

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  • Sea312 By  Sea312    

    These are good for maintaining a clean shower. Sure, it isn't a miracle cleaner that will keep your shower 100% clean, but it really does keep it clean longer.

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  • gjet68 By  gjet68    

    I bought this sometime ago and I do not like it one little bit. It did nothing as far as cleaning my shower, I found it to be cheaply made and the refills expensive. Honestly , I can do a better job with a scrub brush. It sprays but only a little and it hits and misses, sorta like those little waterhoses they used to make for the kids to run through when I was little. I wouldnt buy it again. I threw mine in the trash.

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  • semiblue By  semiblue    

    I really like this product. I had stopped using it for a little while but have gone back to it. It made a bigger difference than I thought it did. Everyone that takes a shower can just push the button when finished. Recommended.

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  • DebsHere By  DebsHere    

    Oh~I agree I have been using the shower cleaner for quite some time now and I also love it! Makes in between deep cleanings easier! The kids can even push the button when they are done!!

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