Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang Princess

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This perfume smells so great and seems to last on it!

Smells sweet! Smells great and the scent lasts pretty long! It's not my every day smell, but it's nice for when I want to switch things up!

Love it I love the bottle so adorable! And the perfume smell very nice I love the smell it's fresh without smelling potent and too noticeable!!

Why do I like this? The idea of being a princess makes me cringe, always has. I don't have a favorite Disney prinecess, hate dresses, think tiaras are stupid, and will absolutely lose my s**t if anyone calls me a princess. I should hate Vera Wang Princess as well, but I don't. In fact it's kinda my go-to fragrance whenever I have to do something fancy, like go to a wedding or job interview.

i like this but it smells a little too "perfumy" for me- a little too musky or flowery. not sure but still nice for people that like that scent

Be a Princess! One of my favorite fragrances of all time! It has a beautifully fresh scent that lasts & lasts! The Water Lily & Amber notes really come through! And how about the bottle?! Absolutely gorgeous! And my favorite color too! It looks just perfect sitting on my vanity! I feel like a true Princess when wearing it!

Sweet & sensible Great for dates! I would describe this frangrance to be sweet to match my kind and caring personality. This perfume makes it through the day and the night with you.

Beautiful smell Love the smell and the bottle. Such a great fragrance for everyday or special occasions.

Favorite!!! This has been my favorite perfume for ever!!! Ive worn Vera Wang Princess Perfume for at least 10 years. My family associates me with this scent now. No better complement, in my opinion.

Highly Recommend Love love love this stuff. I already went through one bottle and am currently on my second. The scent is nice yet not too overwhelming. I found mine at Kohls for around $75, which isnt bad for a perfume.

Great scent Worked great for me! I really enjoyed this product and plan on buying again in the future. I have recommended it to my friends and my family.

Princess is for Queens too! Princess is perfect. I don't use it exclusively, but I am never without my travel-size heart bottle. It's fresh without smelling potent and too noticeable. I hear "Oh, you smell goo." often And it is just with a little touch on each wrist and the back of neck. I discovered Princess because my daughters brought it home and it quickly became their favorite, then one of mine.

Amazing I love the smell! The bottle is also incredibly super cute!!

This scent is really good.. I love how the bottle looks. its pretty

parfum vera It smells wonderful and you really catch a whiff of each characteristic, the water lily, Amber and guava! The bottle is a big plus too!