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  • meganhandyside By  meganhandyside    

    Did not like cleaning these. And when My daughter was teething she would chew off the spout

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  • mamadelgordito By  mamadelgordito    

    I started using it when my son was 6mnths.He never liked bottles since he's exclusively BF.We bought juust to give it a try.He liked it and figured how to hold it and all quickly.I would only give him water in it.Once he was about 10 mnths he figured how to tip it upside down and press the tip to make it spill.So we now stopped using it.But it works well for the price.

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  • dustinw24 By  dustinw24    

    Good cups but they do leak

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  • phs_cutie By  phs_cutie    

    They aren't completely spill proof. Sometimes my son gets water on our bed with it, but he loves it. It seems to be easy for him to grab and drink out of. I would recommend them with caution though.

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  • tanyacook By  tanyacook    

    Not completely spill proof and the cup is hard to clean down in the bottom.

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  • nanna3 By  nanna3    

    I like how they are low priced but they leak/spill.

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  • ChicShopper By  ChicShopper    

    Love this product. We have purchased one with each grandchild. No spills and no matter how far the kids tip them up, they don't get too much at a time. They are easy for the kids to hold. and they wash up nicely in the dishwasher. Great product for a great price!

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  • daniellecjenkins By  daniellecjenkins    

    LOVE THIS BRAND! LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I have never had any trouble with leakage with any Nuby product! I love these cups. They are very inexpensive too, which is even nicer. I love Nuby's customer service! They are the nicest company I have ever experienced. I have won several free online from them just by liking them on facebook. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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  • onlyme212529 By  onlyme212529    

    I like how they are low priced but they leak/spill. When I was cup training each of my daughters they usually ended up needing their clothes changed and a bath because the cup would leak all over them while drinking from it. Also I don't/didn't use them very much because of the soft spout being so easy for my teething daughters to chew holes into and eventually chew chunks out of the spout. All in all for a cheap sippy these are good,but for spill proof...not so good.

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  • singlemommyof2 By  singlemommyof2    

    Good priced cups but they do leak / spill. They have not been doing well cup training my daughter. She gets milk all over her clothes.

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  • oregonmama By  oregonmama    

    A great transitional cup. Leaks like every other sippy does. I'm used to it.

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  • kriiztii04 By  kriiztii04    

    We bought these for my son to switch him off his bottle. Theyre cheap in price but still leak. Whichleft my couch many stains:(

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  • loveandcoffee By  loveandcoffee    

    Not exactly no spill. It can leak quite a lot and if you don't put the rubber piece back the exact way it is even worse. my son did take to it quickly but it was to much of a mess.

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  • nanshep4 By  nanshep4    

    i just started using these with my daughter and they have worked marvelously! she loves that she can hold them easily and i haven't had any problems with them leaking. plus they are in such fun bright colors!

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  • redbaroness13 By  redbaroness13    

    These cups were cheap to purchase, but also cheap in design. The "rubber" nipples were easily destroyed and didn't clean well, and yes, if you didn't line them up exactly, they leaked. What bothered me the most is that there were no replacement nipples available. We have replacement nipples for bottles, why not these? Soon, the "cheap" bottles weren't so cheap anymore when you had to start buying new ones every time my son chewed through the top. Now I have a lot of these, but no nipples for them. So we made them into vases and pencil/crayon holders for craft time in the car and around the house.

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