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  • jennyjen1234 By  jennyjen1234    

    Enjoyed it from cover to cover - Really makes you think....

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  • Rnkmom By  Rnkmom    

    i wasn't a big fan of this big.

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  • justrelaxing By  justrelaxing    

    I really liked this book, i read it before watching the movie, it made the movie boring in comparison to the book. I truely enjoyed reading it, the pray part was the best. What also makes it a real good read is that it is real , on someones(elizabeth Gilbert) true experience, I also enjoyed her "commited" book its the follow up.

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  • Jenapurrkay By  Jenapurrkay    

    After reading the first two chapters, I tossed it. The poor me and I want to be happy attitude was annoying. I wanted slap the Author.

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  • Ptstewart By  Ptstewart    

    The author is self-indulgent, and narcassistic!! I couldn't abide by her quest for inner peace at the feet of anyone but God! She's looking for happiness in all of the wrong places, sadly. The sequel is better but not much. She and her "lover" encounter difficulties upon re-entry t the US and at least there is some sense of plot in the is book rather than her 1st attempt. I give the sequel 3/stars.

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  • blennon By  blennon    

    I work in a bookstore and read A LOT of books, especially biographies. I shied about from this book for a long time because it was so mainstream but when I began to see the previews for the Julie Roberts movie, I decided it was time to try it. Elizabeth Gilbert tells a wonderful story of discovery but it drags in many places. I flew through the Italy and Indonesia sections but the India section seemed to slow the overall pace of the book. This may have been intentional, especially when one considers that portion of her life story but it doesn't help the reader want to continue to the end. And the end is definitely worth the long journey to get there.

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    I really was not impressed with the book or the movie

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  • lily8783 By  lily8783    

    I was interested in the book because I'm divorced, now married to a Brazilian, love to travel, etc. But when I read that the author had the book contract before even starting her journey, I realized it was all basically just a cop-out by a self-absorbed woman. Her life is clearly only about her own happiness. I read a few scattered pages but wasn't impressed with the story or quality of writing.

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  • ginagina909 By  ginagina909    

    This book was fun! I enjoyed it and finsihed it. didn't even see the movie!

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  • shellandbrooke By  shellandbrooke    

    I think this book was hyped up way too much...i never made it through the book. Got about half way and couldn't waste anymore of my time. Was not for me!!

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  • starchild181 By  starchild181    

    I was so disappointed in this book. I looked forward to this book arriving on my doorstep and jumped right in , I waited to see the movie as I always do. The author was so ..... I guess self absorbed is the closest I can get - I literally found myself annoyed by the constant boo-hooing and self centered obsessing - especially by a woman who clearly had the good fortune and resources to take not one but three trips of a lifetime and still managed to boo hoo. Self discovery maybe , great for many I'm sure - just plain irritating to me - and even more bummed..... I was so sure I would enjoy it that I already bought the book that follows it. I am however on board with other reviewers , the movie was excellent , maybe even worth adding to any respectable chic flic collection.

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  • pachecorach By  pachecorach    

    This is one of the best books I have ever read, one of my favorites! It really makes you re-examine your life, not to the extreme she did. But to try to have a devotion to something and Liz does!

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  • caralina By  caralina    

    I enjoyed the Italy part but was not into the beginning or the last two sections. It didn't captivate me and the only reason i pushed myself through it was because it was a book club book. I'm glad I read it, but only because I had wondered about it. The movie was nothing like the book and actually more enjoyable.

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  • thalverson23 By  thalverson23    

    What a great read!! I found myself being transported to each location in the book, while devouring every word of it. This is such a fantastic book for anyone to read. Especially women who have been through a divorce. Elizabeth Gilbert really shows readers that there is life after divorce, but you have to be willing to go and find it.

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  • blueeyes1 By  blueeyes1    

    I enjoyed this book. While some might say Gilbert was selfish - I don't think she was. She released her husband from a marriage and future that she did not want - allowing him to find what he wanted with the right person. She embarked on a quest to find out what she did want in life - free from the everyday expectations society places upon us. I enjoyed the descriptive details from all of her travels. It would have been nice if Gilbert had included passages written or recorded from some of the main characters she met. Their point of view regarding Gilbert and her journey would have been interesting. Were they observing the same internal and external changes in Gilbert as she was reporting herself? Perhaps that could be a follow up book! I look forward to seeing the movie as well when it comes out on DVD.

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