Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

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My daughter has her own Wii is she enjoys playing it is just sometimes the the remote battery dies too quick and then we just got to keep placing but other than that both my kids enjoyed playing the Wii and so did us

My daughter loves her can connect the internet

I'm a gamer. I give this game system two thumbs up.

I love our wii, . Wii me is fabulous. And most of all I like the physical activity games. What a brilliant concept. Nintendo makes a profit, kids play there games, and parents know there children get up and move. Thank you.

Wii is awesome for a casual gamer, good for kids, and great at parties.

I had the Nintendo Wii for the longest time and they got boring actually induce labor with my first child with it now that my child is for he enjoys it more but we only play it at my mothers house

I absolutely love the Wii. Wii Sports is great, but I also play with my brothers (ages 11 & 15) on any Lego game. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Love it!! Wish I had this when I was a kid!!!

I have the black wii and its perfect for family game night. Its very simple to use just point and click.I love it.

i love to play the Wii fun to play when have friends over

Defiantly something I would recommend to people who like to exercise!

i love this system you can exercise play games and play games with all members of the family i would definately recommend this product

Even after all the games etc, we have purchased I still go back to my wii sports. When I feel blah and don't really want to exercise on a particular day, I just tell myself, well at least just do a training session on the wii. It's better than no exercise at all and I have a mii called Lefty for my left hand and so both hands thru a session. Usually I feel so much better after and do my other exercises. Always can challenge myself too since it keeps track.

pretty awesome console wish it had a way to watch blurays on it would prefect.

There is a wide variety of games and exercise games