Bumbo Baby Seat

Bumbo Baby Seat

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This item has been so helpful in helping my son learn to sit on his own.

This seat is great for smaller, thinner babies. I have a four month old that does not fit in this chair, and that is just when they are able to sit and start eating in this chair. My baby has quite the thighs, but still, at four months old she should be able to be using it.

This seat was great for my son and our family. We used it on a daily basis. Would definitely recommend to anyone expecting or with small babies

I love these seats. I seat my daughter in it everyday to feed her and she loves it!

My kids loved this as babies. I plan to use it for my 4th when he's old enough too. It provides enough support to keep the baby upright. The material is soft and feels comfy. Having the tray attachment is great too. It's a great way to give babies a new view of their surroundings!

Great product, little pricey though. It is good for helping the baby sit up before they can on their own... however my babies outgrew the chair before I feel like I got full use of it.. they only can sit in it for a could months. Maybe they should consider different designs so this product could grow with the baby.

We loved this chair for our little girl. She sat up perfectly, and the tray made it even helpful to feed when she was still to little for the highchair. Its easy to clean! She loved to sit in the bumbo to play with her toys.

I was excited to get this but once I actually started using it I was very unimpressed. Not only are the leg holes very, very small so you don't rally get much use out of it but after reading more on the product I found out that it was actually bad for babies development.

Definitely a great way to sit the baby up while they are gaining strength! May be a tight fit for very chubby little legs!

The best baby seat on the market. And it comes in different flavors(colors). They even sell a tray that can be attached. I used this for all my kids

This is a must have for moms, easy to use and very handy to have around. provide great support and makes my daughter feel like a big girl sitting up on her own. makes the child more engaged in her surroundings.

This made-for-baby chair has been an absolute lifesaver for me with two of my daughters. Sitting them upright helped them be involved, and interact with their surroundings, in a new way, and helped me have hands free moment to clean, cook, and get ready.

It's a good lightweight product that you can use to keep baby close to you as you do housework. My son loved it for a little while. But it does only last a few months before a babies thighs get a little too tight in there. I did have the older model without the seatbelt and he was able to wiggle out easily. The newer models with the seatbelts will eliminate that problem and is a good safety feature.

This is an must have for all mommies. I alsob use it in the bath. But please use the tsy or the seatbelt with it. Baby will lean forward an fall out if the baby is very active. You can suction the bottom of the seat to wooden floors and tile to prevent tumbels. Great in tub with out tray or belt so bb uhh ou can grab baby fast. Baby will have a ton of fun in it. My opinions any how.

Like this just wish we could use longer expensive considering could only use a few months due to tight fit