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  • mcombs By  mcombs    

    Great Dawn product

    This is a great new dish soap product from Dawn. I would highly recommend it to everyone to see for themselves

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  • ronikala By  ronikala    

    Great Product!

    I love this stuff...so handy & easy to use..no need to set up a whole sink for a few dishes!

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  • cyndylew26 By  cyndylew26    


    I was pleasantly surprised upon using this product for the first time. It does what it states it'll do. I recommend

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  • bonita7878 By  bonita7878    

    Basically Basic

    I'm a fan of foam soaps and I am a fan of Dawn, but I am not feeling like the duo hit the mark of what it's purported to be able to do. I saw it and was initially excited to try it, but it's just not powerful enough to deal with gunk nor grease. Does well with basic dishes like cups and hands as well. I personally will not be purchasing again.

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  • sonnetdog By  sonnetdog    

    Go with the classic!

    This is not as good at cutting grease as the regular dawn product. Go with the classic!

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  • jogeraci By  jogeraci    

    Dawn: Get Rid of Grease FAST!

    This is the only detergent I use when washing dishes and need to get rid of grease fast.

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  • Carriezpc By  Carriezpc    

    #1 dish soap

    Best stuff ever. Cuts grease and oil like nothing else does.

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  • mdkbasher By  mdkbasher    

    Nice dish wash

    It is a good dish wash. It gives us better result. I enjoy it.

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  • Rianne840 By  Rianne840    

    Cuts the grease!

    All I use is dawn, find it works the best, love the pump, comes in handy for washing hands, even tho it's a small bottle it lasts a long time

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  • Dawnmarie53 By  Dawnmarie53    


    Love dawn dish detergent. Love using this on my cats when bathing them and washing my dishes.

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  • Misty1321 By  Misty1321    

    Great product

    Love this product ❤️ a little goes a long way

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  • DeanneLaury By  DeanneLaury    

    Great on dishes, but horrible on my hands!

    This product is a really good product. It lasts a lot longer then ?regular? dawn dish soap, it still smells just as nice though. The Dawn Foaming Dish Soap is great at removing greasy messes off my dishes with out having to scrub, if something does need to be scrubbed I just put some hot water and add just a small amount of this Dawn Foaming Dish Soap and within about 15-20 minutes I can very easily remove what ever food was stuck on the dish because Dawn is such a strong dish soap. But the reason I didn?t give this product 5 stars is because even though this product works so well on my dishes, it is very horrible on my hands. After I started using this Dawn Foaming Dish Soap for about a week my hands started to get really dry(I use a lotion about 3-4 times a day on my hand before I used Dawn soap and als well I was using this Dawn soap), my hands where getting so dry that between my fingers my skin started crack8ng and bleeding, my skin was so dry and this was only happening on my hands. Then my husband showed me his hands after I told him about my hand and how dry they where, and my husbands hands where even worse then mine. He only washes the dishes once in a while, maybe around 3 times a week when there?s only a few dishes in the sink. I was so shocked at how dried/cracked/bleeding my husbands hands where. He also uses hand lotion everyday, about 2-3 times a day he applies lotion. So we still use Dawn Foaming Dish Soap but we are very careful about getting the soap on our hands at all, we use gloves now to wash the dishes. It took only a few days for my hands to return to my version of normal, and it took my husband about a week and a half for his hands to return to him normal. So I do recommend this Dawn Foaming Dish Soap, but I also recommend using gloves when you use this dish soap, and make sure you never use it as hand soap.

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  • mikxoc By  mikxoc    

    The only one that I will use. It's THAT good!

    This is the only dish washing soap that I have used for years! I love that it's so easy to dispense. Just one pump and I'm good to go to get all of my dishes sparkling clean without leaving water spots. It's tough on grease but gentle on my hands. I was at a friend's home and used their dish soap to help with the dishes after a dinner party. Afterwards my hands were so dried out and it made me realize how great my Dawn Foam dish soap is. It lasts forever and I love that it comes in a refill size.

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  • ladydai By  ladydai    

    To light for y dishes.

    I am a Dawn product fan, I am not a fan of this foam. It takes to much to use. I didnt feel like my dishes were my kind of clean. This is my opnion and others may love it. My friends and family used it to wash their hands. I am just not a fan of using it for a sink full of dishes. I had to wash a few, let the water out, re run water in the sink to complete.

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  • tabmbdb By  tabmbdb    

    I have not tried but I would like to love dawn it does what it claims

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