Stouffer's Lean Cuisine

Stouffer's Lean Cuisine

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I feel like I really have to look long and hard to find one of these I love...there are a couple though.

I keep these in the freezer at work - so I can eat them anytime - they are good.

Lean Cuisine is the only brand of frozen "diet" food that I eat - and I eat them several times each week for lunch. I think they taste much better than the other brands like Weight Watchers and Healthy Choice. I also love their online rewards program.

I love Lean Cuisine meals there are several i like my favorite is turkey and dressing with mashed sweet potatoes they taste so good it almost makes me think i cheating on my diet.

I take these meals in my lunch when I do not have left overs to pack. They have a good flavor and the price is resonable. Muche better for my health and my wallet that eating at one of the fast food places while at work during lunch. They are quick and easy and allow me to have time to walk on the treadmill or outside while at work. If you are trying to maintain weight or lose weight these meals are a good choice.

I bring these to work with me a lot. Prices aren't too bad and there is a large variety of meals.

Started eating Lean Cuisine as an incentive in Jan. to March this year to receive free insulated lunch bags and been eating them ever since. There are so many varieties that you never get bored. However they are a few really didn't like. the meatloaf is really small and I didn't like the sandwich with soup combo's (also not enough to fill you up). That said- Loved the pizza's, panini sandwiches, Penna Pasta meal, and the Chicken Mediterranean.

The Breakfast Panini's are horrible. Saw them for the first time at a far away WalMart Supercenter and after tasting one of them, they had no taste and were bland and used dried egg substitute for "scrambled eggs." Not worth the $2 or $3.

I am pretty picky with my frozen meals but Lean Cuisine definitely has a handful that I absolutely love...I also love that they are lean so I don't feel guilty eating them :)

Love these. I wish they always had the ones I like in stock though...But they do have a lot of variety at the store, I am just very picky. Quick and easy when your hunger creeps up on you and you don't have time to cook!

I am always eating lean cuisines. love them. How can they taste this good and still be healthy?