Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

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The BEST around... My absolute favorite cleaning product. The ease of use is uncanny. My favorite use is cleaning the stove top right after cleaning, so easy! Another plus is there is no dirty rag to wash after use. Can't forget tat you can use on every surface and kills those nasty germ/viruses.

Cleans well They work great on just about anything. Makes clean up fast and easy.

I Recommend This I love this product! It's killing the germs. I feel safe using this brand for many years. I highly recommend it!

Easy to use any and everywhere... These have been my go to during the pandemic. I use them everyday, and everywhere. My only complaint would be that they seemed to dull the look of the brass doorknobs in the house...I guess you have to pick your battles, though...contaminants or dull doorknobs...I'll take the dull doorknobs, please.

Cleans nicely, leaving a very clean smell in the air.

Quick and Easy Disinfectant Wipes! They clean well, smell nice, and don't leave a filmy residue. It checks all the boxes!

A necessity We keep these on the counters and it just makes it that much easier to stay on top of the counter tops to make sure they're clean.

Gotta love these wipes! For a while, they were a commodity during the pandemic. So I'm just super happy to see them back on the shelves without people going crazy over them!

The best disinfecting wipes Clorox disinfectant wipes have come in handy. I have always loved using this product before the pandemic. O don't find it to be very strong the smell. Often times, there are products that the scent is too strong and can cause allergy reactions. I have allergies so this hasn't affected me.

Yes Please!! I absolutely LOVE Clorox disinfecting wipes!! I use them all over my house including my door knobs, light switches, and my car. These are my go to!!

Clorox wipe I like they hold alot of juice, compared to other products that dry out fast

good quality I love those wipes, are very useful and you can choose to clean different areas and kill the germs

Wonderful for every day use and busy families I love these wipes for quick cleaning or disinfectant. Works great for disinfecting door handles, light switches, remotes, work place office, any high traffic places that hands touch. Also, great for spot cleaning around house. One wipe will go far, great quality and quantity for the price.

Clean travels These are the best! I was using these prior to the pandemic, bet since the pandemic; I found these to be quite necessary (when they are available). I have always felt safe with Clorox products, but having a canister of Clorox, are great for on the go. If I feel something is not clean enough, or germ free; I just wipe these bad boys out and get to work. Better than any disinfectant wipes I've ever used!

Great Love this product! Now with Covid I know I'am disinfecting my household and car with this product. The smell is wonderful and doesn't leave any residue like other products do. I only use this product to clean and disinfect.