Folgers Black Silk Coffee

Folgers Black Silk Coffee

              Rated #36 in Coffee & Tea
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97% Recommended
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Black silk I love this coffee it?s gotten me through some tired busy days when I drink it I can get the kids to school I can get the house clean I can do everything I need to do in my busy day. Thank you black silk for making my day doable

Black Silk This dark roast is okay for the brand but not our favorite. My husband did like it more than me, however, it is not something we would buy on the regular.

black gold in my cup when i get me my favorite cup of black gold, i wake up and start my very busy day. i get breakfest and get kids to school and i got to work telling everyone my review about different products. this is honstly the best coffee that i have drank. i have drunk it for 1 1/2 years I won't drink any other coffee.

Black silk dark roast coffee This is a dark roast coffee my husband and I buy this coffee because he loves dark roast coffees I like this brand and for a dark roast it's good. It's strong but not to overwhelming.