Folgers Black Silk Coffee

Folgers Black Silk Coffee

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Folgers Not the best coffee. But great price and gets the job done! Add a little flavored syrup or creamer and it's pretty good.

You should try it My parents love this coffee it is an affordable price and great taste

COFFEE LOVERS!!!- MUST READ:) Folgers Black Silk coffee is definitely smooth and rich-tasting. It is 100% arabica beans and has a bold but simple flavor. Some coffee drinkers like myself found it to be a little too tart for my tastebuds but my husband enjoyed it and found the flavor to be intense and flavorful. This coffee taste similar to Starbucks Sumatra's dark roast!

Black Silk This dark roast is okay for the brand but not our favorite. My husband did like it more than me, however, it is not something we would buy on the regular.