Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Ice Cream

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Delicious, Smooth, and Guilt-free I am a huge fan of this ice cream! I love how smooth it is and I never feel bad for having a tasty treat like this! I honestly could eat every flavor that I have tried all the time!!!

Halo for your waistline! Halo Top ice cream is the bomb! It's so creamy and satisfying without all the calories of regular ice cream. The peanut butter cup is amazing, with bits of chewy peanut butter. Other flavor a like mint chip, lemon cake, and vanilla are so refreshing and light. Highly recommended if your trying to watch calories.

Halo Top isn't as creamy and rich as regular ice cream. It is tasty though. If you want a frozen ice cream treat but don't want the calories and fat, then try Halo Top. They have several flavors to try.

Great Gluten-Free Options If you are looking to satisfy a sweet craving without all of the fat and calories, this is your product. It is not traditional ice cream, so be prepared for the feel of it to not be as creamy. I like that they have several gluten-free options.

Best invention ever You have to let it soften and a lot of the flavors are a bit same-ish tasting. That being said... You can freaking eat a whole point for under 400 calories. So, yeah, it's amazing

Incredible Edibles Not all the flavors are winners, but I have to admit that when it comes to flavor-packed ice cream with some fewer calories, these are a great sub. I always used to pound Ben & Jerry's in college by the pint and these, while not as toppings filled, are a much less guilty way to do that but still get that rich, creamy and chilling ice cream.

Yunny! I love Halo Top ice cream! It is delicious and so many flavors to choose from!! I highly recommend it!

Good idea, bad follow through Love the idea of low calories but this stuff tastes terrible, flavorless and bland and with a nice chemical aftertaste. Way too expensive for a blah product.

Yummy I wouldn't say that this is the most creamy ice cream I have ever had. However, when you are on a weight loss journey and still want treats here and there this is the perfect ice cream. I absolutely love the flavors that I have had so far and plan to try even more. I can't wait for Halo Top to expand their line.

Full of Flavor Love Halo Top to treat myself all year long: summer weather not needed! It's smooth and creamy, and most like the full calorie/full fat ice cream of my childhood that I've found. Definitely full of flavor, which others are lacking! While a bit pricey, it's a good treat and only a few spoonfuls satisfy!

Delicious This is the best ice cream I've ever been introduced to, it's delicious and I can eat an entire pint without going over my calories for the day.

Not too bad but not so great Me and my fiance both tried the peanut butter cup flavor a few months ago. The texture is nice (kind of like melted ice cream and gelato) but my first impression after tasting it was that it was way too sweet. After a while it left this weird coating and taste in our mouths but we did finish the whole pint. Maybe we'll try other flavors but it's not our favorite.

This ice cream is a nice treat, it comes in a variety of different, interesting flavors. They are always coming up with new ones.

Halo Top's halo is slightly askew I really enjoyed Halo Top the first few times I ate it (by the pint, of course!), but my taste buds must have changed, because now it just doesn't taste that good to me...maybe too sweet and overflavored? But its texture is a great imitator of ice cream's, and the protein content is a bonus!

How can you say no to anything with a halo? How can you say no to anything with a halo? You can't! I love it. :)