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  • hanamarie By  hanamarie    

    The Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is overall a great deodorant. It does its job and does not leave a sticky residue. It is moderately priced for what you are getting out of it. My only complaints are that it leaves a white powdery residue and most of the options do not smell nice.

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  • Vickyj85 By  Vickyj85    

    This is a high end and quality product at a reasonable price. The packaging is cute too. I would recommend and I will continue to buy. You can't argue with the results you can achieve

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    Love this!!!

    Of all of the deodorants on the market, this is one of my favorites. I have very sensitive skin and tend to breakout or get a rash after shaving and this doesn't happen with this deoderant. It makes my arm pits feel soft and look visibly better too. The scent is perfect and not to strong that it over powers the scent of your perfume if you choose to wear it. It keeps me dry and doesn't leave a residue on your clothing. I would be a very unhappy person if I couldn't get this deoderant any longer! It's a must have for me!

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  • Breana0827 By  Breana0827    

    Yaaass!! My fav! Definitely a great product smells so good too!

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  • pinktaps By  pinktaps    

    dove stay fresh

    Dove deodorant love the smell of cucumber and it keeps u dry. I would recommend to anyone to try it. Stay fresh all day

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  • Moneychann By  Moneychann    

    Go dove

    Smells good. Drys clear. Minumal residue. Doesnt cause sensitive skin to breakout

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  • eknee819 By  eknee819    

    Easily one of the most identifiable smelling deodorants around. No white marks, and it lasts a while too!

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    i stay fresh all day

    I love this deodorant. It smells great and it always helps me stay fresh all day long!

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  • Elenart By  Elenart    

    loved it. made my armpits feel extra soft. smells nice too

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  • thedailycare By  thedailycare    

    A Tried and True Classic

    Dove deodorant in cucumber is my go-to deodorant. There are others that are better, but this is the classic. If you are looking for a nice, reliable deodorant then this is for you!

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  • monitabonita20 By  monitabonita20    

    Clean and fresh

    I absolutely love doves deodorant I love the way it smells. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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  • Islandsunrise By  Islandsunrise    

    Best product for summer heat

    The best deodorant ever. I grabbed a travel sample in Miami before traveling to the Caribbean and it been my favorite ever since. I feel and smell fresh all day and well into the night, even with the 104 summer heat.

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