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I have always enjoyed snickers. When I tried for the first time SNICKERS crunchier I fell in love. It still had the peanut taste but was more crunchier and delicious. A great taste and improvement to a new Snickers !!

So yummy! It's a perfect mix between crunchy and creamy!

I absolutely loved Snickers Crisper! It was just like q regular Snickers, but with added crunch. So delicious & just what I need when I get a craving for something chocolate & crispy.

My fave will still be the regular og snickers, the nugent is what makes it. But this one is different with the crisper, it makes it lighter, to me, and plus it also makes it easier to know a portion by being pre cut for me. I'll eat it! :)

I loved that this came in small pieces to eat over time or share. The crunch was really good!

I enjoyed the Snickers Crispers very much. No, it is nothing like a traditional Snickers but that is okay. This is a very different treat. The caramel and such of Snickers with crunchy crispies!! Tastes great! The added bonus is that the bar is divided into small squares which makes for the appropriate size snack!!

The Snickers Crisper is not like a Snickers at all. If a Snickers bar & a Nestle Crunch bar had a baby, this would be the product. It's flavor is different. Satisfying that sweet, chewy craving- along with a little crunch. This chocolate bar mixes peanuts, chocolate, crispy rice, and caramel beautifully. Each package includes 2 servings at 190 each, which is WAY better than The calories of a regular Snickers. It's also broken down into 4 little satisfying squares and includes the packaging which can be twisted shut and saved for later. I really enjoy the new Snickers Crisper. Thank you for the free sample!

This was so good! Snickers has been one of my favorite candies since childhood. Snickers combined two of my loves snickers and crispies! First bitebi was sold. Everything blended so well in taste! Love this and definitely recommending it!

I really enjoyed snickers crispers, it's so addictive after the first bar I wanted more. You can taste everything at once. I really love the changes you made to the snickers.

I saw these in Walmart so I had to buy myself one. I love chocolate! My three kids saw it so I had to share lol and I loved it!

I love chocolate when I am in the mood for it and this candy I am loving! I like Snickers Crisper mixture of rice crisps and peanuts that puts the icing on the cake! For me, it has the right amount of sweetness that satisfies my sweet tooth when I get that urge for something sweet! I like that there were 4 individual bars so I am able to save some for later. I also like that you can twist the package to close in order to save the rest of the bars.

I loves it it's like a normal snickers and kitkat or crunch put together.

I actually enjoyed the Snickers Crispers. I like the Snickers brand but not a big Snickers eater so I was skeptical at first. It was everything you loved about Snickers in smaller bite size pieces and crisper (oh course). Its great for when you want just one piece or you want it all. Its easy to share as well. I will say it was a little sweeter then a regular Snickers but that didn't bother me to much. All in all Snickers Crispers were good and I was sad when they were gone. Have to get more soon.

I Love Snickers Crispers! I thought that they were so good and are a perfect snack for anytime of the day. I love that they are shareable and they have the great taste that I'd expect from Snickers. I think that the crispies give it that little something extra and I think they are my new favorite Snickers candy. I will continue to buy these and I hope they stay around.

I really enjoyed Snickers Crisper. It had a nice crunch to it which I really enjoyed. I shared it with my family and everyone was loving it. It had the perfect amount of chocolate and each little square was just the perfect size to snack on. Very yummy!!!