Maybelline New York Great Lash mascara

Maybelline New York Great Lash mascara

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Perfect I love this mascara for the bottom lashes. Doesn't clump and is the perfect sized spoolie

Greatest Mascara Ever! Best mascara then, and still going strong! Wins many beauty awards. The wand is the perfect size and shape to get the desired look you want. Does not clump. Comes in all colors. Very inexpensive and easy to find. All these new mascaras coming out on the market cannot hold a candle! Thank you Maybelline for not fixing what ain't broke!

Great in a pinch! This is my favorite "impulse buy" mascara. I came across it at the registers in walmart and was in a rush and needed mascara and now im glad i got it! I like that its smaller so its easier to throw in your bag and go, its also SUPER black. I dislike that the wand is so small though. Other than that its an amazing mascara!

Maybelline Mascara This has been my go to mascara for many years. I have recommended this to many friends and in turn have purchased it and also agree what a wonderful product it really is. I will continue to recommend it to many others that may ask my opinion. Never had anyone who did not like it. Just a great product!

Classic Maybelline Great Lash is my go to mascara, not because it is relatively inexpensive, which it is, but because my lashes and eyes like it. It stays on, doesn't irritate my eyes, comes off when it's suppose to and doesn't come off when it is not suppose to. I didn't want to like it or I had a mascara snob thing going on about it, but it won me over and it is my favorite. No wonder it has been around forever and has retained that classic status, which it deserves.

Love This has been my go-to mascara for years. Super great basic. I love it!

Maybelline No matter what, this is the go-to mascara. it never disappoints and is long wearing and beautiful

Great product This is one of the best mascaras! I have it in brown, and it's perfect for a natural look. I like a thinner formula, so I wipe off some of the product on the wand, and it gives me a more natural lash. For the wow factor, I layer it on thick!

Good stuff ! I always have a tube of this mascara in my beauty bag, its not my top favorite but I do like it and never have any issue's with it and it works GREAT. I always buy the blackest black, and it makes my lashes look lovely!

I love this product!! It really makes my lashes look longer and defined. Sometimes it clumps but not to bad. My eyelashes also look really thick and full, so this will definitely be a staple in my makeup bag.

Good. I liked this but didnt love it, the brush was small i guess other than that i can't complain. I would still use again and i would still refer to a friend to use.

I use this mascara all the time and I have been for years. It's great leaves my eyelashes long and full and it's affordable. Yes!

Good Mascara I can't believe this mascara is still on the market. I remember this to be my first mascara. It is affordable depending on where you buy it. It is simple and the wand is not too big. It applies nicely.

Oldie but good I used this when I was first starting out in makeup and it's really great once you start to work ur way up in layers of it and it's affordable and it comes in a assortment of colors and it's still great now

The ol' standby The old standby! The formula is thick yet glides on with ease. It adheres to eyelashes and adds bulk and length. The stick and applicator is kind of basic. I like to bend it a bit to create curve.