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  • stephanyvaldez stephanyvaldez

    I don't usually wear tampons all the time because I have this fear of TSS but I did use these for a week. I think they are wonderful. Glide in easily with the applicator. Fit perfectly in my makeup bag and are easy to take out. I also am in love with the packaging!

  • Eureka00 Eureka00

    Applicator isn't reliable (big surprise)...

    (I received a free sample of Tampax to try from SheSpeaks and the following are my own opinions.) This is exactly why I prefer non-applicator tampons to ones with applicators- they are even smaller, have much less wasted packaging, and have basically no room for error; unlike these: the applicators don't click into place easily and once they do, they usually un-click while inserting. So you end up having to push the tampon back into the applicator and trying again. This can take multiple attempts to get right, which is time consuming and annoying. This brings to question something I ask myself VERY often- do these companies even bother TRYING the products they put on the shelves? Or are they just throwing it against the wall and hoping it sticks? (In other words- seeing the flaws and coming out with the product anyway, hoping consumers don't complain.) My guess would be the latter. These feminine care products are always far more concerned with how the product LOOKS than how it WORKS. It makes me really mad, especially seeing how much they charge people for these NECESSARY items. The products should only be designed by women. There needs to be much less work put into making the products "thin" and "sleek" and "pretty", and much more work put into the product NOT LEAKING and WORKING/FITTING PROPERLY. I personally could care less how the product looks. As for the absorbency, it was the same as any other size "regular" tampon. Anyway. I will stick to my non-applicator tampons. Every time I try the ones with applicators I have problems.

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  • Jnd42611 By  Jnd42611    

    Pearl perfect

    Discreet, fits right in your pocket and gives the right amount of protection needed.


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