DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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I like the concept of the product but would not purchase it for use. I found that I would not want to give this to my little kids and would most likely not use it myself as I don't like the taste of flavored water which is what the water becomes with this product.

The Berry flavor was a lot better than the other flavor that I had tried but still probably not something I would purchase to drink often.

The berry flavor tasted much better than the lemon. It took a while to dissolve but I definitely liked it more than drinking gatorade.

I liked this flavor. I added berries to this and sipped it all morning at work. It was tasty and I would drink this again. Enjoyed the flavor and experience.

The taste is okay, although I did like the lemon a little better and it left less of an aftertaste. My husband came own with the flu, and I felt good giving this to him. He liked it and was able to keep it down. I felt like I was going an extra step to help him through it!

This product is an excellent hydration alternative to sports drinks that contain large amounts of sodium and calories. I felt great about using this product and giving it to my two children. I highly recommend. The taste was similar to Crystal Light, while the hydration benefits far exceeded many products on the market.

I found the berry taste bearable but still not loving the aftertaste. I think I will stick to water for now

This taste is terrible. If I was trying to hydrate this would stop me because I couldn't drink it.

The berry flavor was better than the lemon! I got sick and was vomiting. This was perfect1 I liked the flavor and the portable packets. I used half in the morning and took the rest with me while picking up kids from school. Will try again the future.

I found the berry flavor to be much more enjoyable! The flavor was nice with not much of an aftertaste. I did feel like it hydrated me more than other products.

I liked the berry flavor better, but did not see a substantial benefit from taking it either. The concept is great but falls short of my expectation.

The flavor of this was very good. I used this on my fiancé when he got sick and very dehydrated. He felt more hydrated quickly and didn't complain about how this tasted at all. The small packets are very convenient as well.

I did not care for this as much as the lemon. I still drank it, but definitely wasn't a big fan. My husband liked it though, he liked it a lot.

Flavor was pretty good in all. My main complaint is that it does not dissolve well.

The berry flavor was much better than the lemon. My 7 yr old really liked it. I didn't care for the aftertaste but it was a lot more tolerable than the lemon flavor.