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  • BabyHelena By  BabyHelena    

    When I reach for a flavored creamer I always go for their caramel. I have noticed it's not super creamy like most but that's how I like it.

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  • CraftyMom03 By  CraftyMom03    

    BY FAR one of my favorite creamers! It is so yummy & makes your morning/afternoon coffee amazing! I cannot go one day without this! Highly recommend!

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  • laurar By  laurar    

    This is my absolute favorite flavor of coffee creamer. I would choose is above everything else. It is very sweet.

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  • kam180 By  kam180    

    I love International Delight creamers! Caramel Macchiato would be great for iced coffee; however, it is too sweet for my daily hot coffee indulgence! Maintain the creaminess, International Delight, and tone down the sugar, and you've hit the mark!

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  • cmiller0408 By  cmiller0408    

    Let me start by saying International Delight is one of my favorite coffee creamers but I think they sort of missed the mark with this one. I was hoping for more of a caramel taste but it was so overly sweet that the taste couldn't come through. I like sweet creamers but this one was a bit much.

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  • Rozytoz By  Rozytoz    

    Definitely so-so. Not a real strong flavor but too much sweetness.

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    Unfortunately, this I.D. creamer had the same issue as their french vanilla flavor - balanced creaminess and sweetness but having a chemical aftertaste. Still, it being lower-priced than other creamers and on sale often, makes it worth a try.

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