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  • HoosurCrafts By  HoosurCrafts    

    Here is another product that has a big effect for a much less price. If you have dried or hard to control hair, This is the stuff. Leaves hair soft and very controlled.

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  • aidensmomma By  aidensmomma    

    love suave! leaves hair so smooth and smells great!

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  • CarmenDionne By  CarmenDionne    

    I love this product!!! it makes my hair feel and smell so good. I recently bought some for my niece that is in beauty school and her clients also love it. I never would've thought that Suave would be my new favorite shampoo and conditioner.

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  • mjm1998 By  mjm1998    

    I received a sample of Suave Moroccan Infusion shampoo and conditioner last week. I have used expensive shampoo and conditioner for years, and I regularly blow dry and straighten my hair. After I blow dry my hair, it usually feels dried out and I have to use Farouk Biosilk to smooth it out before I use the straightener. I tried the samples I received from Suave, and dried my hair as usual, but this time it felt soft. I didn't even need to use the Biosilk. It smells nice too. I was amazed! I went out the next day and purchase both, and I have recommended these products to about 9 people so far, and the normal comments were, "Suave? You're joking right?" Four people so far have bought it and they LOVE it too. I am hooked.

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