Universal Pictures Dr Suess' The Lorax

Universal Pictures Dr Suess' The Lorax

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Such a cute movie! My daughter loves this movie. It's so funny and great for kids to watch.

Fun version of the story. Great movie for children and adults!

My kids love thIs. It's entertainment at its best with tons of truth put in. Great story.

We loved this movie! Animation is top notch. The morals and story line gets through to the kids and it would be excellent for schools to use around Earth Day. Family, love, importance if loving and caring for our Earth, friendships, and values all wrapped into one movie that children love! Highly recommend!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie.. The animation is great, the story was great too and the message of the movie is just right on time. This is a film that the kids should be watching !!

I wasn't sure what to expect out of this movie when I first saw it. I grew up watching the made for tv The Lorax. And while there are many aspects of this full-length movie that are different, the message remains the same. And it is done in a fun way. I really enjoyed how the Once-ler was made more real in this epic story, and while he seems the villian, we come to realize he is just a victim of peer pressure. This story not only highlights the importance of maintaining our environment, but it also touches on the effects of peer pressure, as well as the power of making a stand against what is wrong. Just because everyone follows the wrong path does not mean we all have to fall in step, but rather take the initiative and step outside of the line when it is for the better.

Great message, cute characters, funny dialogue. Highly recommended for anyone of any age!

This is an amazing movie. I love the message, and the animations are so cute! My six year old brother and I have watched this movie numerous times, because kids seem to love watching movies over and over, and I surprisingly have not gotten sick of it yet. I also really love the cast!

This movie is a great way to show children the value of nature in a fun way. It explores how one person can make a huge difference, in both a positive and negative way. It can help reinforce lessons taught at home. The movie could be followed up with an Earth Day activity, such as planting your own tree or cleaning up a park.

My son really liked this movie! I enjoyed it having a message about not abusing nature! Recommend it for families!

Favourite movie. The message of the original book comes across clean and clear, but with a whole different level with the fleshing out of the character of the Once-ler. This movie deserves much more love than it's gotten. Not only is this movie about the importance of the environment, it's about family, friends, and the difference between right and wrong. Love, love, love this movie.