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  • Annakiv By  Annakiv    

    If you hurry,it s ok your job will be done.but only temporarily.

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  • teefany1 By  teefany1    

    All my dust and dirt clings and stays on these dusters! Great for tough to reach spots like inside decorative vases!

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  • Gotthat By  Gotthat    

    I use it all over my house and also I take to work at preschool

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    The entire Swiffer line as a place in my home. This brand is a lifesaver!

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  • CupcakesAndCrossbones By  CupcakesAndCrossbones    

    I love swiffer. Picks up dust and doesnt spread it around like most dusters do. Great product that gets the job done!

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This duster is awesome, BUT - if you have to dust even a slightly textured surface, it is going to give you trouble. The little pieces of the duster pad will sort of snag on any small points of the surface, and cause your dust-job to look streaky. Also, while this is great for dusting-upkeep, I wouldn't recommend this product be used by those who only dust once in a blue moon. It will not hold onto 'clumps' of dust very well and they will fall everywhere. If you are one of those who dusts on a regular basis though, this is one of the BEST items ever for dusting knick-knack shelves, in and around the TV area, etc. Just steer clear of ceiling fans or the tops of high furniture cabinets since those tend to have the 'snaggy' spots I'm referring to.

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  • brandymills21281 By  brandymills21281    

    Works realy good for fans.

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  • mrsH1980 By  mrsH1980    

    Great product! Love how easy it is to use and it get the dust so easily. Wish it was cheeper

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  • tashadk2c By  tashadk2c    

    Great product! Love how easy it is to use and it get the dust so easily.

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  • Darenda By  Darenda    

    great product! grabs up all the dust and leaves nothing behind!

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  • Mj8462 By  Mj8462    

    love love love!! works great!

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  • cjsamson655 By  cjsamson655    

    Easy to use and works great on everything.

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  • candacec88 By  candacec88    

    I love this! It works great!!

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  • tewneat By  tewneat    

    I find the product just pushes the dust around and I had to go outside to shake the dust out of it too often.

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  • jlienhoffer77 By  jlienhoffer77    

    I love that these pick up the dust and not spread it around.

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