Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

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super handy! These hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works are super convenient & they smell amazing! It's a little bottle but they last a long time as you don't need a lot each use. Since they're usually having deals on them in the store, I always get a variety for my desk at work, my purse and one for the diaper bag.

Great product Love these. They are perfect size for purses and baby bags. My daughter also loves to take them to school in her backpack. They smell great and don't dry out my hands

Screw you germs 🖕 Great for in the go sanitation! I keep one in my purse, backpack, and car! They smell amazing and work great! An amazing gift for sticking stuffers

Bath and Body pocketbac hand sanitizer This is a handy little product that you will always find in my purse! Love the many different scents you can find and like to change it up for the seasons. I like having access to this hand sanitizer after I have been somewhere questionable in regards to cleanliness or germs.

Super little things! I love these little things! They come in a vast array of scents and are small enough to stash just about anywhere! I have one in my car, my purse, and a few at the office. They are so handy when washing your hands isn't convenient. My only complaint is they tend to leave your hands a little dry especially in the harsh cold winters.

I have so many of these I could probably build a small house with them and live in it. I have them tucked away anywhere I can find a little place to put them. In the car, backpacks, purses, camping gear, diaper bag, bike basket, Bible tote, picnic basket, kitchen, bedroom, porch, get the picture. :) I love that it kills the germs without offending your nose. Absolutely LOVE this product!

I have been using these for years. I love the scents and the portability of the product. It's my favorite hand sanitizer.

I love these mini hand sanitizer so always have them with me. They have a wide range of scents so there's many for everybody! great when you need to get cleaned up quick

my family's favorite!! don't go anywhere without it!!

These products smell great and leave your hands feeling really clean

Lots of great fragrance choices, on sale a lot , and they have those cool things to hang it off your purse so you can find it

Smells so good while cleaning germs. Doesn't leave your hands dry.

I have a baby so hand sanitizer is a must. It helps this doesnt smell like pure alcohol.

I love all the different scents and I have one for my car, room, purse and key chain. I just love being able to smell nice, but my favorite part is how it gets the lead residue off my hand after I write for a long period of time.

Absolutely love these they are small and easy to keep on hand not to mention the cute holders you can get. And they all smell delicious