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Aldi Supermarket

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While I enjoy the prices, I have found the quality of the food not good at all. The only thing I will buy from Aldi is Milk.

I am from germany, so always loved Aldi

Aldi has items that are essential to our family at reasonable quality & a low price-full fat half and half, cottage cheese, and bagged spinach. We are digging the German imports for the holiday season like butter cookies & marzipan bars. I also love your 75% raspberry fruit spread, also a German import. Please have the Piscataway, NJ store carry softener salt. Would you consider a store in Green Brook, NJ? There is a vacant property at Washington Avenue, just off Route 22 East.

By shopping at Aldi, I was able to cut our grocery bill by about 40% for my family of four. I admit I cannot get everything I need there--I have some food allergies. But, recently they started carrying a line of gluten free products that are reasonably priced and tasty. A few things--Bring your own bags, a quarter for a shopping cart, and cash or debit card. They do not take credit cards. These are all ways that they are able to keep their costs down. Most of their food is exactly the same as the 'name brand' food--just cheaper. Try it--you will save money!

Aldi has been in Texas for almost two years. I went into one just 5 days ago and almost lost my mind. The prices are reasonable. I bought cherries for $1.59 a carton, so I went back and purchases a few more. Wonderful.

I absolutely love the prices at Aldi. If you are used to top of the line shopping experiences, then Aldi will not be for you. If you are like me and looking to make your food budget go as far as possible...then give Aldi a try. You will not regret it!

I love to shop at Aldi. The prices are great and the quality is good. I like the low price of produce, but it doesn't keep well. You have to eat it within a day or 2 of bringing it home, but for the price, it is worth it!!

Prices are cheap, but I feel like there isn't very much selection. They never get any products and usually there's only one cashier. Sometimes you can catch a good steal on a home item.

It's ok to buy products have good prices not much of selection to choose from but still good, need to pay some attention to fruits and veggies are they are usually frozen and they don't have fresh taste and usually are too soft due to be previous freeze.

I shop here rarely and only when in a rush or when I don't have to worry about specials. They state that the product is of the highest quality or the same as name brand, and that they don't spend on fancy useless packaging, which it makes sense but I can notice a difference between Aldi and name brand; and the produce section always smells like fertilizer. But I like the milk prices, the cheapest of all others that I've shopped at. I would recommend it for a few items.

They have good prices, but don't expect to find the selection of name brands that other markets have. In my area they do not accept checks, you must bring your own bags to bag your own groceries, carts require a quarter deposit to use (you get it back). You also can't take the carts into the parking lot to put groceries into your car, there are bars around the store that the carts don't fit through. Too much trouble!

They had a great produce department for 1/3 of the price of local grocery stores. This is great for a family dedicated to eating fresh and no processing! We have a food budget of $75 a week and can get enough to feed out family of 5 with fresh and organic foods.

This grocer is the best deal for my dollar. I am especially fond of their produce section. They also have an impressive gourmet cheese selection. You can save hundreds of dollars of of your grocery bill by shopping at Aldi. They also sale toys around Christmas time and seasonal items during the proper season. I highly recommend shopping at Aldi.

They have a good selection of products and I give it a high rating for its small appearance

i like some of the product but for the most part most prices are only a few cents cheaper than national store brand and any and all dairy may say it is in date but when opened it is sour