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  • e_collins64 By  e_collins64    

    I absolutely lovee these. They just melt in your mouth & you'll just end up wanting more! They're very creamy

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  • kellbuck By  kellbuck    

    One of my favorite indulgences.

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  • Julieeveball By  Julieeveball    

    They are really good

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  • mrsberetta By  mrsberetta    

    Smooth creamy love in a bag.and flavors for every mood.a good book and a bag of these can warm anyone on a cold night.

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  • perrytyra By  perrytyra    

    I am not sure I have tasted better chocolate. Maybe one or two other brands, but they were not affordable. These are very smooth and creamy. Even the extra dark taste good. In cheaper brands of dark chocolate they are too bitter. My children also love this chocolate and expect it every Christmas and Easter. I would say these are a good mid-range chocolate. More expensive chocolate is not necessary. And cheaper chocolate is not worth it.

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  • kandicegrimme By  kandicegrimme    

    It's hard for me to eat just one! The rich creaminess of these candies is marvelous!

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  • cheryl1207 By  cheryl1207    

    The best chocolate ever! I always end up finishing the bag.

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  • chelleleighann By  chelleleighann    

    So good!!! My favorite candy ever!!!

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  • nagent99 By  nagent99    

    I am so hooked on these, which is not really the best thing!

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  • okcomputergirl13 By  okcomputergirl13    

    Oh my goodness. I can say NOTHING bad about these delicious little truffles. The dark, white, and milk chocolates are amazing. I love how they melt in your mouth, and that cold feeling when you get to the inside. YUM.

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  • ElisaBradford5683 By  ElisaBradford5683    

    These just do not taste like chocolate to me. I'm not sure what it is (maybe just inferior quality?)... I tried the milk chocolate truffle recently and had to spit it out. It was terrible. I would not recommend if you are used to high quality chocolates.

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  • pretzelsbabe By  pretzelsbabe    

    Great tasting product for the price. I really like the dark chocolate. Affordable indulgence.

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  • aylaka24 By  aylaka24    

    The white chocolate ones are my guilty pleasure:) Rich, delicious candies at a decent price. You just can't beat it!

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  • Laketra By  Laketra    

    Let me begin with I do NOT ..... I mean I did NOT like chocolate....until I popped on of these milk chocolate truffles in my mouth. OMGoodness!! It was like a burst of real creamy flavor in my mouth. My taste buds were shocked. This couldn't be I think I'm addicted to these chocolate truffles now!!!! They are YUMMO!! A must have chocolate treat!!

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    if you want chocolate these are my favorite comes in different flavors and is sooooo goood

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