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  • MasterofMom MasterofMom

    My son used this CONSTANTLY. I got this for him when he was just four months old, and this was his absolute favorite thing to do all the time. It adjusts at the sides, so you can make it so that your baby has complete control over whether they are putting their weight on their legs, on the seat, or just bouncing up and down. My son loved to bounce like crazy in this as soon as he figured out it would light up whenever he wiggled around. I loved the fact that all the toys stayed put and I didn't have to worry about reaching over and picking things up constantly to wash them off. My only wish is that the tray had a clear spot, or at least a little cup area included to stick a sippy cup for water or a handful of cereal. Then it would be perfect!

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  • kiss227 By  kiss227    

    I recently put this together for my four month old. She is still too small to "jump" in it, yet even with her wiggling, the flowers will light up and play music. She is pleasantly surprised by the noises it produces. She also loves the attached toys. She is teething, so the teething toys are great! Plus, she has learned how to spin the noise makers for added fun. I do wish however, that the hanging monkey and rhino were some sort of rattle as that would add to her delight.


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