L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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I liked the coverage it gave, but as with most foundation, it made me break out and I felt like my skin couldn't breathe in it.

I was excited when I received the loreal bb cream in the mail and i couldn't wait to try it. I applied it as a tinted moisturizer with just a translucent powder on top. I did not see any difference in coverage. I looked exactly as I did before I had applied it. I was so disappointed because it went on so smoothly and it felt very lightweight, but I didn't like the results.

Unfortunately, this product didn't really give the results I was hoping for. As a woman of color, I chose the "deep" shade. But the product made my skin look "ashy" and not very flattering. I tried it for several days consistently to see if I could see any difference and there wasn't any in the way my skin looked after the product was applied. I've used Origins brand of BB cream and its deep shade was fantastic.

For years, I've been using Asian BB Creams especially from Korea. I was curious to try American brand BB Cream and I had the chance to try this brand, L'Oreal BB Cream. Unfortunately, I felt it didn't compare. It had a light coverage and did not cover my acne. It also doesn't completely oxide to my skin tone. It's darker, but I'm thankful for a chance to try this product.

I wanted to love this. I love many BB creams, but this was a big MISS. First, it wasnt moisturizing enough, even for my oily skin. I had high hopes for the color blending, but it would go on white and dry orangutan orange. It didnt seem to break me out,. Maybe if one had dark skin tone I'd recommend it.

What you need to know: Very light weight, nice color though seems to comes out slightly pasty on my medium (slightly tan) skin tone, not great for those of us with dry skin and I got the product for free from SheSpeaks. ?- After trying the new L?Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream 2 or 3 times, I've decided that it's not the product or me. First of all, it comes out of the bottle as a white liquid- which is kind of cool when you rub it in and the white turns into a nice skin tone color. It's also super lightweight and thin. However, because it's so thin, it doesn't cover as much as I'd like it too and it definitely does not work well on dry skin. Lets just say it felt more drying than anything? I didn't feel a hint of moisture. That being said, the drying effect leaves a very nice matte, satin finish. The color was also nice, though it did seen to leave a slight white-ish sheer (which in reality I could live with). L?Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream retails for $10.95 for 1 fl oz. and is available in four shades. I recommend L?Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream as a primer or for teens or women who like a VERY light foundation over their entire face. I definitely do not recommend it as a concealer of any sort or even as a general use BB Cream for the average user. Like I mentioned above, L?Oréal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream was set to me for free from SheSpeaks- if your not already on there- is a fun forum for women to chat and review new products. In return, I've provided this post, a fully honest opinion and review of the product.

After blending it well, I still saw scars even after two applications of the product. I didn?t feel like I was wearing heavy makeup. It was light, and almost like a second skin. However, to get the coverage I need for my scars I used my own L?Oreal product to cover these flaws. That worked well, and my product blended easily with the Medium-toned BB Cream. Read more: http://mommydoesblog.com/2013/03/loreal-paris-magicbbcream-review/#ixzz2Mj5fEyD8

The cream was too heavy and it caused my skin to break out. I tried it for a week, and I didn't like how my skin looked and felt after those 7 days.

This was my first experience with a BB Cream. I tried it a few times and I just didn't like it at all. I went light when applying I didn't use much but it left my skin looking dull and ashy. It didn't work well for me at all. I haven't tried any other BB Cream but I have used a tinted moisturizer which works better for me personally. I wouldn't recommend this to any of my friends unless they like the ashy look as well.

I received this product 2 days ago and was tempted to try it soon enough.The description on the tube is well written and promises lot of good cosmetic results. I think the cream is really very light.It was ok for minimal coverage.I have combination skin (oily+dry).I did not notice any significant improvement in the over all look. I don't have any red patches or areas of pigmentation.But I was hoping for it to even out the skin tone.Also I noticed the results to fade away soon.The shade was good for my skin but it just did not cover well.Maybe I should have used more? I will try it again and will review again.As a side note,I am wearing Maybelline's BB cream today and it has far better results.Loreal is a brand I trust but maybe this product is not for me.

i like it but the matte i like the matte on my lipstick but not really on my face but i didnt like the way it feel when i was putting it on

I squeezed a little out on mu palm it came out fairly grey it blended in well and I put my foundation on and i thought it looked wonderful, but now i notice I am breaking out by the side of my mouth so I am stopping it for a few day then I will continue when cleared up. If it happens again then I can't use protect but it looked great on til the breakout.

I am kind of on the fence with this BB Cream. I feel it would work well for someone with normal or perhaps oily skin and few flaws. I have dry skin and this did not add enough moisture my skin still felt dry. I also have flaws that it did not cover. I used my coverstick and moisturizer with the BB Cream and it worked fairly well. I was hoping for something that would give me the coverage and moisture I need and feel lightweight at the same time. I do think this is a good BB Cream it is just not made for my type of skin issues. Thanks SheSpeaks and L'Oreal for letting me test for you!

I was very excited when I received the gold package last week. Kudos to She Speaks. Packaging was fabulous! On to the BB Cream. I really really wanted to like it. I am Latina with tan skin and received the medium shade. It was chalky on Day 1 and decided to give it another try. On Day 2 I used less product and it went on great. Later in the afternoon, I noticed some dry spots. I love L'oreal and use their sublime sunscreen religiously!! I wish the BB Cream was moisturizing, had an SPF, and other benefits such as anti-oxidants, anti-aging,etc.

Received the product in the lovely gold package. I was definitely interested in trying this product. I tried it the very next day with a clean face. I applied my moisturizer and then proceded to apply the product. First I can say I am not a fan of applying with my fingers. I applied what I thought was enough, then applied more, then got too much. It was very hard to judge how much to apply. After all day wear it felt like my face was too oily. I tried again the next day without my moisturizer and managed to not get it too dark this time. After all day wear I didn't feel too oily. I am going to try with a sponge application when I get new sponges.