L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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I received the Loreal Paris BB cream to try and I love it. It doesn't take much so it appears like a small tube but it will go a long way. When I first put it on it was like nothing I've ever used before. It's like a light lotion that dries into a light powder. It made my skin glow and doesn't feel like you're wearing makeup, or look like it. It makes your skin tone even so you don't have red splotches everywhere like I do without makeup. It is not sticky or dry. My face is normally dry anyway and I have to use moisturizer. With this I did not need it. When I took it off it made my face look fresh and clean and didn't need moisturizer then either. I love this. It makes you look like you're not wearing makeup only with no blemishes and a perfect complexion.

I purchased this when it first came out after trying it out from a magazine insert. I love it-it matches my fair skin perfectly and offers the light coverage I prefer. The texture takes a little getting used to but its a great product.

I love how natural this product feels on my skin and it covers up all those flaws too.

I started this product on Monday and was instantly amazed at how smooth my face felt and looked. It evened out my skin tone and was great worn alone or with my makeup. I used it today with just mascara and a little gloss. It makes me look healthy. I love this product more than other BB creams I have used. It has just the right color for my skin. This product I will definitely buy once I run out.

This is my first time trying a BB cream, and I am very pleased with how the L'Oreal Paris Skin Beautifier really does work like magic! I posted my blog review here: http://historyinculture.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/loreal-paris-magic-skin-beautifier-bb-cream/

I received it in the mail 3 days ago .The gold package caught my eye instantly.As soon as I opened the tube a put a little onto ky hsnd and was shocked when I saw it was white.As I begab to apply it the almost invisible beads began to color.It blended right in with my dkin tone.I use makeup regularly but Ive been using this bb cream gor the lsst 2 days.Its easy to apply and distrihute.It makes my face feel soft and almodt bare.It usnt as heavy asmost foundations .It will def contnue using.

I love this BB Cream! It is so light and goes on silky smooth. The color it gives my face is perfect. I thought my makeup would feel heavy with the BB Cream under it but it actually feels very airy and light. I got several compliments on my makeup the first day I used the L'Oreal BB Cream. I will for sure be using this with my makeup routine. There is no other BB Cream that even compares to this one, this one is by far the best!!

About a week and a half ago my L?Oreal Paris BB Cream was in my mailbox when I came home from work. I decided I'd wait til the next morning to try it out since usually after work I just want a nice shower, fix dinner for my fiancé and me, and then flake out together before bed. I was very tempted though to try it even that night to see what all the hub bub was about. But the very next morning when I opened that tube for the first time and squeezed a small amount on my finger to start my morning make-up routine I was skeptical. The cream was pure white with these little dots of green floating in it. I couldn't imagine how it could possibly be considered a primer or foundation. It had no color! But I stuck it out and started rubbing the cream onto my face finding that it spread very easily and to my surprise the thinnest of layers did indeed act as a foundation. As I was rubbing it was as if a tint started to develop and it did indeed match my skin tone perfectly. To say I was shocked was an understatement. The little green specks I first noticed are the BB Cream's self adjusting beads that instantly transformed to my skin. It was amazing. My blemishes were virtually invisible under this product. So I've been using the BB Cream everyday since that first one and have been pleasantly surprised. I can completely understand why this product claims to be formulated to prime, perfect, hydrate and correct skin. It really does do all that. I've found that even when I removed my make up at the end of the day my skin is more even toned and smoother to the touch. The cream does to clog up pores and cause me to break out which is something I was really afraid of. I would certainly agree that it improves a person's skin without leaving it oily or dry or rough?. it's AWESOME. So that is that?. I've

I am giving this product a 5 star review. I just received my golden package the mailman dropped it off at a different address, I'm so glad it finally reached me! 1) I have to say I love the packaging, It made me feel like a won a Willy Wonka golden ticket. 2) I could not believe the perfect color match. 3) I have fine lines and a brow crease, and the marvelous BB Cream never settled in,it covered beautifully. 4) I will buy this product that is definite, I had many co workers compliment me on my complexion not my make up, that's how good BB cream made my face look!

I have previously used another BB Cream but when I tried this one out, I was blown away. It was even better. I love the feeling and coverage that it provides. I cant wear heavy makeup at work because I get to hot and so this is perfect and it is helping me with spots and discoloration.

I have been wanting to try the new BB creams, but have been a little skeptical about how they would measure up against regular foundation. I was very excited to get a chance to try Loreal's BB cream. I absolutely live it! It gives a light coverage, but it was perfect for me. I like that it has a moisturizer and primer included I the foundation. It made my skin look very smooth and perfected. I really like is product and will recommend it to my friends.

I am Asian with fair complexion and tried the "light" shade. The cream goes on really smooth and blends nicely - i love how a small dab will go a long way! I use a Kabuki brush to add mineral powder on top, and it looks really even and natural - plus, it helps to cover up spots and discoloration. What a great find!

Wow! This is the first time that I have ever tried any BB cream. I didnt try it right away cause I got it late in the day. I did try it on the next day and I cant believe how clear it made my skin look(at least to me) No cakey feel. I do have a little red on my cheeks and it covered it up! I like this product and I will definetly be buying another when this one runs out, which will not be anytime soon since I dont put makeup on everyday! LOL!

I received this as a tester from she's peaks and lore all and I usually use nature luxe by cover girl but I have to say I'm addicted the fact that it blends to my skin I like that it looks less makeupy and cakes on and I love the size tube.long and skinny fits so much better in my gym bag and purse! I recommend this if you are just unsatisfied with your foundation and even if you just have that I don't know if my foundations right for me anymore.i love that it moisturizers and corrects too. I am 29 and still have occasional breakouts or acne pop up and I feel this hid that way better than most others I have tried I love the fact to that it is considerably affordable because I don't have a ton of money to spend every time I have to replace makeup but hey I can defiantly afford a makeup like this.honestly I wore this with just gloss on my lips and mascara and I was happy with my look! Love it and I will defiantly buy again!

I have tried several BB creams-both drug store brands and more expensive "department store" brands, and L'Oreal Magic Beautifier BB Cream is the best of any I have used. When dispensed, the product is white with blue "beads" but blends perfectly to your skin tone. The coverage is great-without feeling heavy or greasy. I also found that I can use less product than I have compared to other BB Creams- a little goes a long way! I definitely noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and large pores. I saw at the drug store that L'Oreal also makes a BB Cream as part of their "Age Perfect" line. I will try that when this tube is gone, but I can't imagine that it will be any better than this!