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  • Dee1227 By  Dee1227    

    Dr. Browns bottles

    I absolutely love these bottles. After receiving a pack at my baby shower for my son who is now 7. My daughter was born April 15th, these are the only bottles I will use with her. Clean up takes a bit longer then regular bottles, but I find it worth it. She has colic and these bottles definitely help her alot. I would recommend them to everyone!

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  • Dessaraye By  Dessaraye    

    These were basically my favorite bottles out of the few I tried. Clean up is a chore and they are much pricier than most but well worth it. Helped my son not get too much air in his bottle

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  • supermom23 By  supermom23    

    I really like this bottle because the sucking part is close to the real nipple which a baby is more comfortable sucking. It is a little hard to clean but it's a great product over all.

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  • LeaLucyMiller By  LeaLucyMiller    

    These bottles are AMAZING! They come in 4oz and 8oz bottles - Standard or Wide Neck. Its a Little more work cleaning wise but SO WORTH IT if your baby has gas/spit up issues. We switched to Dr. Brown's Option Bottles that came out in 2015 and LOVE them! You have the option of using the inserts or not. The only downfall about theses Bottles are that the original ones seem to leak every once in a while and the cleaning process takes a bit longer.

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  • amy326 By  amy326    

    I started using Dr. Brown bottles because my baby would spit up. The bottles work wonderfully, but they have so many places to clean.

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  • willettmakayla By  willettmakayla    

    my son liked these bottles a lot and so much so that we decided to keep them for our next kid! butttttttttt mommy and daddy didn't like them to much. they are such a pain to clean and without a dishwasher i always felt like i couldn't get them clean enough without boiling water1!

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  • Rachel84 By  Rachel84    

    I love Dr. Brown's! My daughter was suffering from pretty bad trapped gas before I began using these bottles, but once I started she's been doing so much better!

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  • Mommyonaleash By  Mommyonaleash    

    My son was a preemie born with severe acid reflux. Dr. Brown's bottles were the only ones that saved us after trying numerous ones. No bubbles or gas go into the baby when they drink from them. we saw such a huge improvement.

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  • Jmhfy3 By  Jmhfy3    

    Trying to find a bottle that my daughter would drink out of ended up being quite the challenge. This bottle was the only one I could get her to eat more than a couple oz from...which was awesome but I really wanted this to be one of those bottles that she didn't like because it is such a pain to clean. If this is the bottle you're going to use, you need to buy more than you think you would use because you don't want to have to scrub these bottles multiple times a day just to reuse it.

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  • wtymreviews By  wtymreviews    

    Coming from a mom of all three of my babies having colic this is the only brand I have stuck with and will stick with, a lifesaver!

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  • Brit79 By  Brit79    

    Simply the best bottle. There are extra parts to clean but to me it is worth the extra time knowing that my daughter is getting the least amount of air. They cost a little more also but you get what you pay for. I won't use any other bottle.

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  • Kimberkeagankeela By  Kimberkeagankeela    

    While they are terrific bottles, and they are the only bottles I used for my 3rd child they were difficult to clean. S complete pain honestly. And overly priced. $10 for 3 bottles!!! They did leak from the nipple. But other than that my child never had any stomach usuals from swallowing air. My first two I didn't use these bottles with, and lord let me tell you I never got any sleep. They stayed up crying all the time from stomach aches, and I had tried every bottle I could. My sister had the same issue and after finding these she turned me onto them. Besides the steep price and difficulty cleaning they are amazing bottles.

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  • lillypad83 By  lillypad83    

    For the first several months we used the 4 oz Dr. Brown's bottles and then moved to the 8 oz. While they were expensive, they were worth every penny. Our little guy spit up twice in his first 12 months...? The second time was only because he ate way too many snacks that afternoon! My only complaint is that it takes forever to clean the bottles since it has many parts. But it was something I was more than happy to sacrifice to keep our baby happy. My only other complain is if you lose the little flat white pieces that are used to seal the bottle when using a nipple it is impossible to find replacements.

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  • Mariasmommy2012 By  Mariasmommy2012    

    I didn't like all the extra things that you had to clean. And if my daughter sucked to hard the nipple caved in. And it leaked.

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  • Jasmarie89 By  Jasmarie89    

    My son seemed to enjoy drinking from the bottle but cleaning is a hassle. Especially if you misplace the little brush that comes with it

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